Tussle Over $9.2 Million Cash


…Tricky director frames up colleague to get away with debt

A plot by a venturesome Ghanaian businessman to blackmail a colleague into walking away from a company that was set up as a partnership has turned supine, revealing that the antagonist involved wants to get away with a whopping $9.2million in debt.

Henry Osei, owner of Gulrest Resources Company Limited (Ghana), has allegedly turned out to be a wicked ingrate, after he misled the police in Ghana to pester the life of a benefactor who had lent him the $9.2million.

In an attempt to run away from paying the debt, Mr. Osei staged a ruse, pulling a theft allegation from the air to unleash the Ghana Police on his benefactor in attempt to blackmail him into walking away from his money.

The benefactor in question, Alistair Mathias, had also suffered a double jeopardy, having to undergo two trials, one in the UAE and the other, which is ongoing in Ghana, over the same issue, in Henry Osei’s bid to scare him into giving up on his money.

However, the moves by Mr. Osei has been revealed for what they are – a white collar plot to make away with over $9.2million, as the court in the UAE has since dismissed Henry Osei’s case, noting that he had been roguish in the matter.

Following the Dubai judgment however, the Ghana Police seem to be doing everything to keep Mr. Alistair Mathias frustrated on the basis of the same trumped up theft charge.

Alistair Mathias, a businessman resident in Dubai, is a director of M.A. Resources Limited, a company incorporated in Ghana, which he runs along with another trading and investment company which deals in gold, with Dubai as principal market in a global catchment.

Through his gold dealing, he came into contact with Henry Osei and one Eric Azu, directors of another gold dealing company based in Ghana called Guldrest Resources Company Limited, in 2013.

As directors of Guldrest, Henry and Eric had proposed to Alistair that he finance the purchase and export of gold through their Guldrest Resources, promising a better deal than the Ghana gold market in general can give.

In March 2013, Henry Osei had claimed that he was cash-strapped and therefore asked Alistair Mathias to fund a subsidiary of Guldrest in the United Arab Emirates so that they could use it together to deal in the Dubai market.

Mr. Mathias had turned down the idea, saying he already had a presence in the UAE through his company, but Henry Osei had pestered him until he had reluctantly agreed to set up the company for both of them.

As a founding director, Alistair Mathias had footed all the bills for setting up the company. UAE-based Guldrest Resources FZC, consequently got its business license on 24th March, 2013.

However, even before the formation of the company, Henry Osei had been accumulating debt through borrowings from Alistair Matthias, since November 2012. Always promising to pay up soon, Henry Osei had accumulated debt till the first quarter of 2014.

Eventually however, the inevitability he had been putting off caught up with him and he had to pay up. This is when Henry Osei allegedly took to a devilish scheme that even Brutus would clap to.

In a grand scheme to avoid paying the debt, the man, on the 4th of June, went to the police with a claim that his benefactor, Alistair Mathias, had stolen $4million from him.

Alistair Mathias, who had heard about the trumped up charge while in Dubai, had quickly rushed down to Ghana to clear the matter with the Ghana Police, but while he was at it, the same Henry Osei had emplaned to the UAE and filed the same complaint against Alistair there.

In fact, in the UAE, Henry had nourished his allegation with the claim that Alistair, who had come down to clear the same charges with the Ghana Police,  had run to Ghana in a bid to escape police action in the UAE. The claim had led to the UAE authorities prosecuting Alistair Mathias in absentia.

While in Ghana, Mr. Mathias had not been able to attend the first court hearing in the UAE on the 6th of July, 2014. The UAE judge had subsequently set judgment date on the 20th of July.

After explaining the issue to the Ghana Police, he had obtained permission to travel to Dubai to attend court on the 20th of July, but the Ghana Immigration Service had denied him clearance, leading his missing the flight on 16th of July. However, he eventually was able to fly to the UAE on the 17th of the same month.

Upon attending the court on the 20th of July, his passport was seized by the court, making it impossible for him to return to Ghana.

While he was going through the proceedings, Henry Osei had quickly rushed down to Ghana again and activated criminal proceedings against the same Alistair Mathias that he had caused the police to sue for in the UAE.

To the Ghana Police, he had claimed that the activation of criminal proceedings against Alistair was necessary because Alistair could not be traced. Mr. Mathias’ bail bond was consequently revoked leading to the prosecution of his (Alistair Mathias’) sureties in court.

Interestingly, while all of these were going on, the same Henry Osei had hired some media houses in Ghana to publish that Alistair Mathias was a thief on the run from the law. At the same time, Alistair and his family members had received text messages threatening their lives.

Eventually however, the court, in the UAE, acquitted Alistair Mathias of all charges brought against him, agreeing with him that it is rather Henry Osei and his company in Ghana, Guldrest Resources Limited (Ghana), who owe him more than $9.2million.

Following from that judgment, a 90-day period within which the case could have been appealed in the UAE elapsed.

Mr. Alistair Mathias has since returned to Ghana and replaced his sureties in court. However, in spite of the judgment from the UAE court, the police in Ghana are still prosecuting the case down here, giving rise to what is seen as double jeopardy.

Investigator, Samuel Ansah, of the Commercial Crime Unit of the Police, in Accra, only recently received a statement from Alistair which clearly referenced the UAE court’s final judgment.

Meanwhile, some of the media houses which had been used to whip up the libelous reportage against Alistair Mathias have since apologized.




Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Stan Adotey

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