Trainee Nurses Given Raw Deal?         

–  So Soon!

…As gov’t hikes fees to Ghc 4,000,… And pays only Ghc400 ‘allawa’

President Akufo-Addo’s restoration of allowances for trainee nurses is only a source of jubilation for people who are not reading between the lines, as the restoration has come along with astronomical hikes in fees.

In a pendulous fashion, nursing trainees are now paying over 300% increases in fees that they had paid in the absence of the Ghc400 allowance that the NPP government has arranged to pay them.

Ace broadcaster, Nana Kwabema Bobie Ansah, yesterday pointed out in a social media pose that the joke is on the jubilating nursing trainees who don’t seem to be smart enough to see that the government has insulted their intelligence.

“Nursing trainees were paying Ghc850 as fees with no allowances and no quota system, they were later billed Ghc1,200 to Ghc1,800 with Ghc150 allowance restoration; fast forwarding, they are now billed Ghc4,000+ with Ghc400  allowance restoration with a quotation.

“Pls strike the percentage difference. Thanks,” Bobie wrote.

The percentage difference is that with the paltry Ghc400 monthly allowance, the nurses are now paying a hike of over 320% in the fees that they had paid when they were not on allowance.

This development appears to be a smart application of the carrot and stick technique by the government, but the hapless nursing trainees do not seem to be smart enough to notice.

What’s more, these same nurses are most likely to remain unemployed after leaving school because the NPP government has started moves to end a bonding system which ensured that graduates from nursing training schools are employed by the government.

Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo-Maafo, has already served notice that the public sector is too choked for government to employ more people.

In fact, the NPP government is thinking of downsizing the public sector, according to Osafo-Maafo.

On Tuesday, this week, the NPP government had restored scrapped allowances for nursing trainees, committing to pay each nursing trainee Ghc400 every month.

The restoration, which had seen the government organize a whole durbar, had seen President Akufo-Addo announce that the government will consequently spend Ghc23.2million every month to gift the nursing trainees the free money.

But even before the fanfare would start, there had been casualties from the government’s decision to remove the nursing trainees from student loans and put them on allowances; the same government had had to reintroduce a quota system.

The quota system has since cut down admissions into nursing training colleges by a whopping 1,600 students every year.

As Bobie Ansah would point out, however, it is not only admissions that have suffered just so the government can gift Ghc23.2million every month to 58,000 nursing trainees that will be free to find their own jobs upon completion, even the supposed beneficiaries of the allowances themselves are paying, albeit unwittingly.

For a monthly allowance of Ghc400, the same trainees must now pay over Ghc4,000 in fees, over 320% increment in Ghc850 fees that they had paid while on student loans.

Meanwhile, commercial drivers in the country, who are facing worst fuel prices in the entire history of Ghana, are preparing to strike as they have been angered by the government’s commitment to gift Ghc23.2million to 58,000 nursing trainees, while the same government is refusing to lower fuel prices.

The drivers have long wondered why the government has refused to remove taxes that constitute some 50% of the high cost of fuel, even though the whole machinery of Ghana’s economy runs on fuel.

It is this same government which saddled drivers with unbelievable fuel prices that has shown that it has money enough to gift Ghc23.3million every month to just 58,000 nursing trainees.

The restoration of the allowances for nursing trainees has since sparked demands by students in colleges of Agric to also have their allowances restored.

The Agric students on Wednesday, this week, picketed at the Agric Ministry.




Source: Samuels

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