MP Raps Nana Addo

…Says His Anti-Corruption War Has Failed

Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Mumuni,  the Member of Parliament (MP) for Salaga North, has lashed out at President Nana Akufo-Addo and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), over what he  describes as a failed anti-corruption war promised to Ghanaians.

According to the MP, the promises to clean the country of corruption in the buildup to the 2016 elections by Akufo-Addo and his party today could be declared dead, as corruption is now being glorified in the current government.

Alhaji Mumuni made this assertion during an interview on national issues with The Republic in parliament last Friday.

To him, he and his party, the NDC, would forever welcome and appreciate any legal and reasonable economic recovery and growth programme by the Akufo-Addo led NPP government, but would never allow them to hoodwink Ghanaians and push the country into an abyss, as they appeared to be heading to.

The Salaga North lawmaker pointed out that the ongoing multiples of corruption deals within six months of the four-year term into this administration, coupled with hardship already being felt by Ghanaians, has again vindicated the NDC and affirmed their earlier assertion that, the New Patriotic Party led government came into office in January, 2017, with no concrete economic blueprint and totally unprepared for governance.

Alhaji Mumuni further told the paper that, the NDC, as a party, alerted the nation after the 2016 elections on the empty promises of the NPP and cautioned the government to concentrate on governance.

He said the blame-game by the NPP is a coverup for its obvious lack of plan, adding that the government will run our economy into recession as it wastes its policy implementation time witch-hunting NDC members and perceived enemies of government, without paying attention to building on the robust achievements of the NDC.

Citing the US$2.25 billion bond,  better known as “KenBond Gate” scandal, the smelly BOSTGate scandal, and insecurity perpetrated by the Invisible and Delta forces, among others, he said “it is therefore instructive to note that if the economic recovery plan will follow the way of the anti-corruption war, so far, then the plan document is dead on arrival.”

Alhaji Mumuni stressed that the anti-corruption war of President Akufo-Addo’s NPP led government has failed, based on the fact that the governing party has rather secured for themselves only one conviction among Ghanaians, “that is to say they know how to deceive the electorate.”

He argued, among other things, that the 2017 Budget is still a mirage, as the many promises of factories in every district and dams in villages remained sweetheart promises and not a reality.

In the twilight of the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress administration, Ghanaians lamented that they had never had it that bad. The then challenges confronting them appeared insurmountable. There was alleged pervasive corruption that threatened to sweep away the entire nation.

The political spin doctors of the then opposition, now in government, made things to look as if there was massive unemployment and the energy sector was in comatose with unending and seemingly impossible fuel and power shortages, despite the Mahama team’s effort with measures in curtailing the energy crisis in the country.

When the septuagenarian, Nana Akufo Addo, hit the campaign ground, having emerged the presidential candidate of the then opposition NPP in 2014, there was wild jubilation in many parts of the country.

During the campaigns, he succeeded in convincing many Ghanaians, including former President and  Founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, into believing that he is  someone who hated corruption with a passion and  seen as the only true  person who could fight corruption to a standstill.

As it is said, “to whom much is given, much is therefore expected, Ghanaians today regretted the December 7, 2016 decision and  expected President Akufo Addo to hit the ground running. The President himself promised to tackle the challenges head on and said, his government was in a hurry.”

But Hon. Mumuni said, the fight against corruption promised has failed and that the so-called Special Prosecutor to be instituted appears targeted at political opponents, while corruption gets deeper in the current government.

For him, the government should sit up, saying “Ghanaians don’t want excuses from this government because they promised us heaven on earth and they must live up to their expectations.”

The truth, he stated, “is that from the common man’s perspective, the so-called change they promised was a fluke, because it was all premised on propaganda in order to dislodge the NDC administration,” noting, “since coming to office, the NPP government has performed abysmally.”

“Going by the present situation we have found ourselves it has become difficult for government to do even parliamentary business, we come to parliament and there is no any serious business for us, only questions and statement,” Hon. Mumuni jabs the Akufo Addo government.

He said, whether the NPP  likes it or not,  there is evidence enough that Ghanaians are going through the worst hardship, that we have ever witnessed since after the return of multiparty democracy and the earlier something was done the better for the government and Ghanaians.

Asked if the NDC is ready to come back to power, the Salaga North legislator said, the NDC is more than ready to take back power in 2020 general elections, because for the first six months of the Akufo-Addo government, Ghanaians could feel the absence of NDC government.

He pointed out that, “the NDC need only unity and focus for there is no gainsaying if Ghanaians need us back, you can visibly see hunger and anger on the faces of millions of Ghanaians, For me, the so-called change is nothing but a deceit.”

In his view, “it is clear that the NDC has the road map for peace, unity and development of Ghana and that Ghanaians now know the difference and the party members must do away with acrimony among  themselves in order to build a united front ahead of the next general elections.”

He also emphasised that the party has all chances of returning to power if all party members work together and sacrifice their personal interest for the sake of ordinary Ghanaians.

The MP, who sounded very passionate on issues in the party, said, NDC will have the bright chances of returning to power  but all party faithful  must agree to work together in one accord, noting “people must learn to sacrifice their individual or personal interest for the larger interests.”

Essentially, Hon. Mumuni explained that, the role of the opposition is to offer an alternative to policy and to try to bring the government back on track when it tries to derail and that the NDC MPs in parliament that made up the minority will continue to advise the government and offer alternatives where government seems clueless on any issue.




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