Free SHS relieves philanthropists of financial pressure

The Founder and Leader of the Blessed Home Ministry International, at Awoshie in Accra, Bishop Dr. Philip Kofi Boateng, has stressed that it is a great joy to the numerous philanthropists, including himself, who pay the school fees of several needy SHS students before the present government came out with the free education, as monies invested into that sector can now be put into other priority areas.

He stated this in an interview with the press in Accra today on the importance of the new education policy.

He noted that all parents and the government and other stakeholders should work together to ensure that the policy works and also be sustainable for the whole nation to enjoy it forever.

Bishop Dr. Boateng also called on the administrators of the policy to ensure that funds which have to be released for the program to go to the right schools on time in order to have a smooth program devoid of confusion and is promptly and truly done.

Bishop Boateng also called on parents to provide the little items that need to be given to the students from home to have a peaceful and successful study.

To those parents whose children are still at home due to lack of money to buy provisions and other things that the students will need in the boarding houses, Bishop Boateng encouraged such people to fight hard to get their wards into the free SHS, else in future such children will be found wanting as education is the key to a better future.

He reiterated that philanthropists, including himself, have for a long time supported needy but brilliant students, with  their limited resources, so now that it is free education they are relieved and hope that the program will be sustainable for philanthropists to focus on other social programs.

He said the financial pressure which used to be on him when he and his church members had to pay the fees of many needy students, is no more and that it is their expectation that the policy has come to stay.

He noted therefore that free education is good and also stated that people with the view that it is in the constitution that it is supposed to be progressively free is good but if it has come now then we have to thank God that it came earlier than the constitution anticipated.

He called on chiefs, MPs, parents, students, teachers and all stakeholders to ensure that the policy flourishes and sustained for posterity.

He said both secular education and religious training are very vital for  the development of children as that is capable of making them responsible leaders in future who can also help others to make it in life  to positively impact on society.




Source: Bernard Quanson    

The Republic News Online

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