Your question: Is catfish business profitable in Nigeria?

With an invested capital of N310, 000 and sales of N380, 000, your gross profit margin is 22.58%. Catfish farming doesn’t have a good cash flow. You won’t be able to sell every day or every week. You have to spend a minimum of 4 months raising the fishes before they reach market size of 1kg each.

Is catfish farming profitable?

Under the right circumstances, catfish farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of farming, however, catfish production involves substantial capital investment and many risks. Growing catfish successfully also requires daily attention.

How much profit does a fish farmer make?

The average net income from Catla fish farms is over Rs. 100,000 per acre per year but with proper management, net profits of Rs. 150,000 per acre per year can be achieved.

How do Nigerian catfish farmers make money?

Breeding catfish for other farmers or self use is highly lucrative. Breeding is one of the two basic fish farming types done by fish farmers. The Breeders grow fry and fingerlings for sale to farmers who source the fish from them. The large number of fry you get from a single fish equates cool cash.

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How do I start a catfish business in Nigeria?

  1. Step 1: Land For Catfish Farming. This is very important. …
  2. Step 2: Pond Planning. You need to determine whether you want to go into big or small-scale commercial catfish farming. …
  3. Step 3: Water Supply Source. The best water for catfish farming is from bore hole. …
  4. Step 4: Pond Construction. …
  5. 15 Comments.

What is the most profitable fish to farm?

For the last 30 years, the high end of fish farming has been dominated by Atlantic salmon, a $15.4-billion industry. Atlantic salmon has become one of the most profitable fish to grow and is slightly better than chicken in terms of how well it converts feed into body mass.

How long does it take for catfish to mature?

It takes an average of between 4 ½ months and 6 months to achieve these sizes. Local Markets (township markets): This market is situated in and around towns and cities where catfishes are raised.

Why You Should Wait For Your Fishes to Mature.

1 to 1.5kg N520/kg
600grams to 1kg N430/kg
Below 600grams N410/kg

Do fish farms make money?

Fish farming is very profitable. As in other types of agriculture, the level of profit is seldom excessive. Fish farming is a good retirement activity. Running a fish farm requires hard physical work and can be stressful.

How many fish can you have in a 1 acre pond?

A typical pond stocking strategy for a warm-water pond would be 1,000-1,500 bluegills, 50-100 bass, and 50-200 catfish per acre.

How many fish can I put in a 1/2 acre pond?

Stocking your pond properly can prevent common problems such as a stunted bluegill population. ATAC recommends stocking 2-4 inch fingerlings in new ponds. Large, wild caught fish should be avoided because they may introduce disease.

Fish Stocking Recommendations.

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Swimming Pond Species *Channel Catfish
1/4 Acre 15
1/2 Acre 25
3/4 Acre 40
1 Acre 50

How do catfish grow faster in Nigeria?

Grow catfish faster

  1. purchase juvenile fish.
  2. make sure they are the shooters.
  3. avoid over stocking.
  4. verify the source of the water.
  5. include an inlet and outlet.
  6. buy quality feed high protein.
  7. use live bate.
  8. buy soy rich feed.


How much is 1kg of catfish in Nigeria?

The price of catfish depends on the kilo quantity (kg) you want to buy or on the size of the fish you want to buy. The price of 1kg of catfish in Nigeria starts from One Thousand two Hundred Naira (N1,200) to Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira (2,500).

What’s the biggest catfish ever caught?

Thai fishermen caught a 646-pound catfish believed to have been the world’s largest freshwater fish ever recorded, a researcher said Thursday. The 8.9 foot long Mekong giant catfish was the heaviest recorded fish since Thailand started keeping records in 1981.

How lucrative is fish pond business in Nigeria?

Fish Farming is Profitable

Fish farming is very profitable. With proper planning and good management, N3 million investment in fish farming could easily result to N4 million of pure profit within six months.

How can I start fish farming at home?

To start a home-based fish farm, it is required to dig a fishpond or gather some fish tanks or containers for indoor fish farming. Water from a reliable source must be chosen; municipal supply water will be fine. Once you have got a pond or container setup, juvenile fish and some fish feed to start would be necessary.

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How do I start a smoked fish business in Nigeria?

Smoked Fish Export Business in Nigeria

  1. Writing a good smoked fish business plan.
  2. Doing market analysis for the target country.
  3. Registration with Corporate Affairs Commision (CAC)
  4. Approval with the Nigerian Export Council of Nigeria (NEPC) and.
  5. License from Nigeria Custom Services (NCS)
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