When did Kenya start allowing dual citizenship?

Dual Citizenship. According to the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011, the Dual Citizenship is permissible in Kenya.

Does Kenya allow 3 citizenships?

Kenya does NOT allow its citizens to hold Dual Nationality – that is, the right to become a citizen of a foreign country and to hold two (or more) passports. … Equally, those who acquire another citizenship will not automatically lose their Kenya Citizenship on such acquisition.

Who is not allowed to have dual citizenship in Kenya?

(1) A person is not eligible for election or appointment to a State office unless the person is a citizen of Kenya. (2) A State officer or a member of the defence forces shall not hold dual citizenship.

Who is allowed to acquire dual citizenship in Kenya?

A person who has been ordinarily resident in Kenya for a continuous period of 7 years under the authority of a work permit and children (under 18 years) of a legal resident are also eligible for registration.

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Which countries have dual citizenship with Kenya?

Dual Citizenship – Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Stockholm with accreditation to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland & Norway.

Does Kenya accept dual citizenship?

Dual Citizenship. According to the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011, the Dual Citizenship is permissible in Kenya. … An application to declare dual citizenship can be submitted concurrently with a passport application.

What are the disadvantages of dual citizenship?

Drawbacks of being a dual citizen include the potential for double taxation, the long and expensive process for obtaining dual citizenship, and the fact that you become bound by the laws of two nations.

What is a person from Kenya called?

People from Kenya are called


Do I have to declare dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries. You do not need to apply for dual citizenship.

Who is eligible for dual citizenship?

A person in the United States may acquire dual citizenship in one of several ways, including: Being born in the United States to immigrant parents. Being born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen, and another parent who is a citizen of another country.

Is Chief Justice allowed to have dual citizenship?

State officials are restricted from dual citizenship. … Dual citizenship for state officers does not apply to judges and members of commissions. In the case of Mwinzi, she challenged the committee’s decision that she should renounce her US citizenship, saying it would violate her rights.

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Can foreigners get married in Kenya?

Certificates of No Impediment are issued to KENYAN CITIZENS wishing to have their marriages, either to Kenyan citizens or foreigners (Non-Kenyans) performed abroad. … Every Kenyan wishing to marry abroad has to apply for a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from the nearest Kenyan Mission.

Can a Kenyan have dual citizenship in Germany?

f) Kenya allows dual citizenship. Why must I give up my Kenyan citizenship? You are renouncing upon the behest of the German government. Kindly engage your local German authority on that matter.

How can a foreigner become a Kenyan citizen?

A person who has been lawfully resident in Kenya for a continuous period of at least seven years, and who satisfies the conditions prescribed by an Act of Parliament, may apply to be registered as a citizen.

How can one lose citizenship by birth in Kenya?

Under the new Constitution, unlike the old, a citizen by birth can only lose that citizenship by a voluntary renunciation — not, for example, by taking citizenship of a foreign country. Citizens by registration — who applied to be Kenyan — may lose citizenship in a few situations.

Can a foreigner invest in Kenya?

– Foreigners are not permitted to own land in Kenya (they can rent land for 99 years); – Finally, in order to benefit from certain government incentives, foreign investors must invest a minimum of USD 100,000.

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