What are the benefits of joining the Nigerian Navy?

How much does Nigerian navy earn monthly?

Admiral in the Nigerian Navy earns ₦16,303,140 per year. Vice Admiral earns ₦13,363,229 yearly. Real-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945 yearly.

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure For Commissioned Officers (2021)

Nigerian Navy Rank Salary (per year) Salary (per month)
Captain ₦3,715,859 ₦309,655

How much is Navy salary in Nigeria?

Salaries of commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy;

Vice Admiral monthly salary is N1,113,602. Rear Admiral monthly salary is N1,003,245. Commodore monthly salary is N615,488. Captain monthly salary is N309,654.

How long is Nigerian Navy training?

The course takes about 9 months to complete and individuals given admission will be trained to enable them contribute to the activities of the NN.

What is the work of Navy in Nigeria?

It is quite obvious that the primary function of any nation’s Navy is to defend and ensure the safety of her country. In the same scenario, the main function of the Nigerian Navy is to protect the Nigerian country against any threat within its territory.

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Which force is highest paid in Nigeria?

Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

The Nigerian Air Force is the highest paid force in Nigeria among other armed forces in the country.

Is Navy Form 2020 out?

the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form 2020 / 2021 is out. The Nigerian Navy DSSC department has commenced recruitment intake for 2020 sessions. The Nigerian Navy DSSC Application Form Portal is officially open.

What is the lowest rank in Nigeria Navy?

The Rear admiral rank is the lowest of all Admiral ranks in the Nigerian Navy. Officers who attain this rank are often referred to as Flag Officers or 2-star officers. The Rear-Admirals are the direct superior of the Commodores and a junior to the Vice-Admirals.

How much do Navy get paid a month?

How Much Do Navy Jobs Pay per Month?

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $130,000 $10,833
75th Percentile $75,000 $6,250
Average $69,419 $5,784
25th Percentile $35,000 $2,916

What is the salary for Navy officer?

The Indian Navy

Pay Scale of Officers
LIEUTENANT 10B 61300-193900
COMMANDER 12A 121200-212400

What is the minimum salary of Navy?

The lowest-paying job at Indian Navy is a a Lieutenant Commander with a salary of ₹ 25,88,934 per year.

Is Nigeria Navy Form 2020 2021 Out?

As at today being 14th July 2021, The Nigerian Navy recruitment form is out.

Is Nigeria Navy Form 2021 2022 Out?

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2021-2022 Is Out, Navy Application Form and Guidelines www.joinnigeriannavy.com. The Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2021-2022 Is Out and as such the Nigerian Navy wishes to invite all applicants interested in joining the Navy to apply for the Nigerian Navy Application Exercise in 2021.

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What is the full meaning of Navy?

Princeton’s WordNet. navy, naval forcesnoun. an organization of military vessels belonging to a country and available for sea warfare.

How much is Nigerian navy school fees?

NNS-OFFA school fees for freshly admitted students for 2021/2022 academic session is estimated to be between 65,000 to 75,000 Naira. Please note that this is excluding other fees like hostel accommodation fee, acceptance fee and another related levy.

What is the main duty of Navy?

The Military Role

The navy’s military role is characterised by threat or use of force at and / or from the sea. This includes application of maritime power in both – offensive operations against enemy forces, territory and trade, and defensive operations to protect own forces, territory and trade.

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