Question: Is DHL shipping from Nigeria to USA?

I would recommend DHL shipping from Nigeria to the USA for time-sensitive parcels. They also provide a door-to-door delivery and ensure all packages are signed on-delivery to make sure your parcel is in safe hands.

How long does it take DHL to deliver from Nigeria to USA?

DHL Express

DHL is also known for their fast shipping. Their express service, DHL Express can deliver packages from USA to Nigeria within 2-4 business days.

How long does it take to ship goods from Nigeria to USA?

Shipping cost is very reasonable, and the transit time is usually from 6 to 8 weeks. This service is designed for equipment such as caterpillars, tractors, cranes, heavy trucks, and other heavy duty construction equipment. It includes car shipping from the USA to Nigeria for export.

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Does DHL deliver outside Nigeria?

Serving over 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL’s wide global network is well equipped to handle UK and international deliveries. … Our fast and secure delivery service means your parcel delivery to Nigeria is made in good time.

How long does it take DHL to deliver within Nigeria?

For cheap parcel delivery to Nigeria within just 3-4 days* of collection, DHL Parcel UK is the only courier service you’ll need.

Which is faster FedEx or DHL?

FedEx shipping service is typically faster for domestic transportation in the US. As for international shipping, DHL Express service is usually the fastest shipping option with completed deliveries in up to three business days.

Is DHL reliable for international shipping?

While DHL is a great choice for international shipping, it is not a viable option for shipping within the US. Since DHL is a non-American company, it is not permitted to make domestic flights between U.S. airports.

How much is shipping cost from Nigeria to USA?

They charge about $2.85 to $100 or more. Their pricing depends on the weight and size of the goods and also the estimated delivery days. For valuable or delicate items, they might need you to fill extra documents or pay a little extra. They also have a price calculator for you to get an exact price for your shipment.

How many hours is USA from Nigeria?

Distance from Nigeria to United States is 10,661 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Nigeria and United States is 10,661 km= 6,624 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Nigeria to United States, It takes 11.83 hours to arrive.

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How long does it take FedEx to deliver from Nigeria to USA?

Service features

Service Description
FedEx 10kg and 25kg Box Inbound Services 1-2 day delivery to airport/major cities across Nigeria 3-day delivery to other destinations Outbound Services 2-day delivery across the US and Canada 2-4 day delivery to all other FedEx destinations

Does DHL deliver on Saturdays in Nigeria?

DHL Nigeria working hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 am – 8:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 am – 2:00 pm.

How long does it take DHL to deliver from Nigeria to UK?

How much time does it need to deliver parcel from Nigeria to United Kingdom? Our cheap courier usually needs an average of 14 days to deliver goods between these countries.

How long does it take DHL to deliver international?

International Shipping Methods:

DHL International Standard: 1-3 weeks standard. DHL International Expedited: 4-12 business days. The DHL shipping usually takes 1-3 weeks.

How much does DHL charge per kg from China to Nigeria?

DHL Express Delivery From China to Nigeria

Purchase Qty. (Kilogram) FOB Unit Price
1-999 US $2.5
1,000+ US $8
1-999 US $2.5
1,000+ US $8

Does DHL work on Saturdays?

The simple answer is Yes! DHL does provide delivery options on Saturdays. … In addition to their regular services, DHL provides several optional services like non-standard delivery and billing options. That means you will have the flexibility to choose a service according to your requirements while using DHL.

What happens if I miss my DHL delivery?

If you missed a delivery, you’ll find a DHL missed-delivery card in your mailbox. Our DHL courier will automatically return the next workday. If you also missed our second delivery attempt, you can collect your parcel at a DHL location. Follow the instructions on your DHL card and on our Track & Trace page.

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