Question: How much is matt paint in Nigeria?

Vinyl Matt Pure Brilliant White 7.5L 36894
Vinyl Matt Light Base 10L 46369
Pure Brilliant White 5L 31323

How much does emulsion paint cost?

Questions & Answers on Emulsion Paints

Finish Min Price Max Price
Matt Rs 1/Litre Rs 375/Litre
Mid sheen Rs 100/Litre Rs 306/Litre
High Gloss Rs 90/Litre Rs 650/Litre
High Sheen Rs 120/Litre Rs 600/Litre

How much is 20l of paint in Nigeria?

Ascertaining the Price of Paint based on Quantity

The prices of the 20 liters bucket range from N5000 o N8000 depending on its quality and brand name.

What is the best paint in Nigeria?

7 Best Paint Brands in Nigeria

  • Dulux Paints. Dulux paints is a brand under CAP plc. …
  • Berger Paints Nigeria. …
  • International Paints West Africa (IPWA) …
  • Meyer Paints. …
  • Portland Paints Nigeria. …
  • Eagle Paints. …
  • Trumpcoat Paints. …
  • Premium Paints Plc.
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What is the best Matt paint?

  1. Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt: Best wall paint for durability. …
  2. Johnstone’s Kitchen Matt: Best wall paint for kitchens. …
  3. Dulux Easycare Bathroom Emulsion: Best wall paint for bathrooms. …
  4. Dulux Matt Emulsion Paint for Walls and Ceilings – Pure Brilliant White: Best wall paint for a modern finish.

Which paint is best for walls?

Latex paint is the most commonly and preferred paint type to use because of its ease of clean up and long lasting durability. It also tends to be more fade resistant and breathes better than oil, resulting in less blistering of the paint. I recommend using a latex paint for most of your walls and household uses.

How much is wall paint in Nigeria?

It is one of the few reasons the paint rates among the most sought after in Nigeria today.

Types of Dulux Paints and Prices in Nigeria.

Light Base 2.5L 18036
Light Base 1L 8664
Medium Base 5L 31323
Medium Base 2.5L 17032

How much is President paint in Nigeria?

Price -17,000 – See current price

Seven years is guaranteed on interior usage and four year on exterior usage.

How much does it cost to paint a room in Nigeria?

Painters usually charge from NGN8, 000 to NGN15, 000 on average for labour cost. Putting all these together, you should be spending about NGN35, 000 to get your two-bedroom flat painted successfully.

What are the four types of paint?

5 Types of Wall Paints and Finishes

  • Flat/Matte: Flat paints (also called matte paints) have the least amount of shine. …
  • Eggshell: Eggshell finishes are a very popular paint finish. …
  • Satin: Satin finishes are the most common interior paint finish. …
  • Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paints are shiny and reflective.
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Who owns Dulux paint Nigeria?

Okonjimarianego Marian ego – CEO – ICI Dulux Paints | LinkedIn.

Which is the best paint in the world?

The Global Top 10

  1. PPG.
  2. The Sherwin-Williams Co.
  3. AkzoNobel.
  4. Nippon Paint Holdings Co.
  5. RPM International Inc.
  6. Axalta Coating Systems.
  7. BASF Coatings.
  8. Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.


How much is stucco paint in Nigeria?

They range from N2500 – N3500 per sqm for both materials and application charges, depending on the price the stucco company or what applicator agrees with you.

Which paint can be wiped clean?

What is the best washable paint?

  • Best washable paint: Valspar Premium Blend V700 Walls & Ceilings.
  • Runner-up washable paint: Designers Guild Perfect Matt Emulsion.
  • Best budget washable paint: Wickes Tough & Washable.
  • Best investment washable paint: Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion.


Is Crown paint better than Dulux?

Crown vinyl matt is a lot cheaper than Dulux. The opacity is great, and the finish is a rich flat matt. There are a couple of issues, it doesn’t seem like there is much in the way of polymer binder in the paint, meaning it can scuff and mark easily. Plus, it drags when you’re applying a second coat.

What is the toughest paint?

The hardest paint that is available to most homeowners is an epoxy modified alkyd paint. These are most commonly found in aerosol spray cans. After these paints cure, they typically have a harder finish than you could obtain with an oil or water based paint that is brushed on.

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