How much is a provisional license in Zambia?

How much is a provisional Licence 2020?

It costs £43 if you apply by post. Don’t send cash. Make cheque or postal payable to DVLA. To apply by post, fill out form D1 available from DVLA form ordering service and selected post office branches.

How long does a provisional Licence last in Zambia?

Note that a provisional license has to be renewed every three months.

How much is first time provisional?

It costs £34 to apply online. You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Electron or Delta debit or credit card. You’ll need: an identity document, such as your passport.

How much does a driving Licence cost in Zambia?

Fee payable for the new driver’s Licence is:K130. 00.

How long is a provisional Licence valid for?

A provisional driving licence lasts for 10 years. After you pass your written theory test, you have 2 years to take your practical driving test. If 2 years go by after you pass your written theory test, you have to retake the theory test.

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How much is UK provisional Licence?

How much does a provisional driving licence cost? It costs £34 to apply for your provisional driving licence online at the address above or £43 if you apply by post. If you’re applying online, watch out for unofficial sites that charge a fee to process your application.

How much does a PSV Licence cost?

How much does the PSV Licence cost? You will firstly need to get your provisional (Cat D) PSV/PCV licence which is free but for this you will need to have passed your Group 4 medical which will cost around £80.

What is the driving age in Zambia?

It is a requirement by law that anyone who drives a motor vehicle must be a holder of a valid driving licence which should have the appropriate class of motor vehicle one is authorised to drive. The age requirement for one to obtain a motor vehicle licence in Zambia is 18 years and over.

Can you get a license at 16 in Zambia?

Applicants must be enrolled in a licensed driving school. They must show proof of enrollment and must demonstrate a minimum of 7 days theory driving lessons. Minimum age requirements: Motorcycle Provisional Driving License: 16 years of age.

Can I get a provisional Licence without a passport?

You must send in an identity document with your application unless you have a valid UK passport (where the photograph and signature are on the same page). You do not need to send your passport in with your application, use the 9-digit passport number instead.

Can you drive a car with a provisional?

Your provisional license gives you the right to drive a vehicle, provided you’re accompanied by someone over 21 who’s had a full licence for at least three years. What it won’t do is insure you to drive on your own.

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What do you need for a provisional Licence?

When you come to apply for a provisional licence, you’ll need to have some documents to hand:

  1. A valid UK biometric passport (or, if you don’t have one, an identity document)
  2. The addresses where you’ve lived for the last 3 years.
  3. Your National Insurance number if you have it.


How do I pay road tax in Zambia?


  1. online payment platform on the website:
  2. Motor Vehicle Licence (“Road Tax”)
  3. Driver’s Licence (Renewal and Duplicate)
  4. Roadworthiness Application (“Road Fitness Test”)
  5. Motor Vehicle Registration – Temporal Registration.


How do I renew my Zambian drivers license?

Renewing your driving licence in Zambia?

  1. Request an application form online (information in Dutch).
  2. The RDW will send the application form to the Dutch correspondence address you provide.
  3. Return the form to the RDW, together with the documents required. …
  4. Pay the driving licence application fee.

How can I get PSV?

Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website NTSA and under the Quick links section click on th PSV licence applications.

Apply On-line :

  1. PSV Driver application.
  2. PSV Conductor Application.
  3. Institution Driver Application form.
  4. Taxi Driver Application form.


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