How many times Zimbabwe beat Australia in ODI?

Opponent Matches % Won
Afghanistan 25 40
Australia 30 6.9
Bangladesh 75 37.33
England 30 27.59

How many times Zim beat India?

India beat Zimbabwe by 3 runs in 3rd T20I to win series 2-1.

History – India vs Zimbabwe.

S# 2.
Venue India
Season 1992/93
Total 1
India 1

Which team won most ODI matches?

If we take a look at the history of ODI cricket, India has played the most number of 993 matches so far, followed by Australia with 955 games and Pakistan with 933 ODIs. Australia is the team with the most number of ODI victories with 579, followed by India with 516 ODI wins and Pakistan with 490 wins.

Which team did Zimbabwe famously beat in their first ever one day international?

Zimbabwe won 3–2, thus recording their first ODI series win against a Test-playing nation since 2006. Zimbabwe was beaten in all the formats by Pakistan.

Which country has won the most ODI matches?

Most wins in ODIs

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Position Team Won
1. Australia 547
2. Pakistan 457
3. India 457
4. West Indies 377

Has Zimbabwe ever defeated India?

Zimbabwe beat India Zimbabwe won by 61 runs – Zimbabwe vs India, India tour of Zimbabwe, Only Test Match Summary, Report |

Did Zimbabwe ever defeat India?

This is a list of Zimbabwe Cricket team’s One Day International records.

Team wins, losses, draws and ties.

Opponent India
Won 10
Lost 51
Tied 2
No Result

Who is the king of IPL?

Over the years, hundreds of players and 13 franchises have participated in IPL. Numerous players such as Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, David Warner have demonstrated outstanding performances but Virat Kohli is the undisputed King of IPL.

Who Hit Highest sixes in ODI?

Player Span 6s
Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK) 1996-2015 351
CH Gayle (ICC/WI) 1999-2019 331
ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL) 1989-2011 270
RG Sharma (INDIA) 2007-2021 244

Who is king in cricket?

V Kohli is regarded as the one of the best batsman in the world and is also known as the king of cricket.

Is Zimbabwe poor or rich?

Yet people in countries like Burundi, South Sudan and Somalia—the three poorest in the world—continue to live in desperate poverty. How do we measure how poor or wealthy a given nation is compared to another?


Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
24 Uganda 2,574
25 Vanatu 2,586
26 Guinea 2,604
27 Zimbabwe 2,622

What is the shortest Test match ever?

The shortest Test match, in terms of actual playing time, was the first Test between England and Australia at Trent Bridge on 12 June 1926. There were only 50 minutes play in which 17.2 overs were bowled and England scored 32-0.

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Has Zimbabwe beat Australia?

A remarkable victory for Zimbabwe, as that’s turned finely through fine leg and races away eluding a diving Clark at full stretch on the rope – but he’s beaten and so are Australia.

Taylor anchors Zimbabwe to historic win.

Newlands, Cape Town
Toss Australia, elected to bat first
Points Zimbabwe 2, Australia 0

What is the best t20 score?

Highest total

Rank Score Opponent
1 278/3 (20 overs) Ireland
278/4 (20 overs) Turkey
3 267/2 (20 overs) Jamaica Tallawahs (H)
4 263/5 (20 overs) Pune Warriors India

Which team scored most 400 in ODI?

The highest team total before 400 runs was reached was the 398/5 scored by Sri Lanka against Kenya on 6 March 1996 at Asgiriya Stadium, Kandy.

By teams.

Team South Africa
No. of 400+ scores 6
Won 6

Who win ODI?

In the India vs England 1st One Day International (ODI) match, India outplayed world champions England by 66 runs to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune on Tuesday. India came from behind after an onslaught from Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy.

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