How is pension income taxed in Kenya?

Pension band Applicable tax rate (%)
On the next 400,000 25
Income above 1,600,000 30

Are pensions taxable in Kenya?

Tax Benefits

The first Ksh 600,000 of a lump sum payment is not subject to tax if the member has been a member for more than 10 years. On retirement before 65 years, the annual tax free pension is Ksh 300,000. Pension and lump sum payments after the age of 65 are tax free.

Is monthly pension taxable in Kenya?

Pensions and lump sum payments after age 65 are tax free.

Is pension income taxed the same as regular income?

Most pensions are funded with pretax income, and that means the full amount of your pension income would be taxable when you receive the funds. Payments from private and government pensions are usually taxable at your ordinary income rate, assuming you made no after-tax contributions to the plan.

What is the tax rate on pension income?

How much tax do I pay on a pension lump sum? From age 55, if you have a defined contribution (DC) pension (where you’ve built up pension savings over your working life), you can take a 25% lump sum tax-free; you can take more, but you’ll pay income tax on anything above 25%.

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What amount of pension is tax free?

You can usually take up to 25% of the amount built up in any pension as a tax-free lump sum. The tax-free lump sum doesn’t affect your Personal Allowance. Tax is taken off the remaining amount before you get it.

How do I calculate tax on my pension?

Calculation of Income Tax for Pensioners

Your pension is taxed as your salary income. In this, the pension amount is taxed under the head ‘Salary’ in your Income Tax Return form. While pension is paid on a monthly basis, there is also an option of receiving it as a lump sum in the form of commuted pension.

How is monthly pension calculated in Kenya?

If your Normal Pension Age is 60 your final salary benefits are: A pension calculated by multiplying your service by your average salary and then dividing by 80; and. A lump sum equal to three times your pension.

When can I access my pension in Kenya?

Under the Old NSSF Act, a member of a scheme is entitled to an age benefit on attaining the age of 55 years and having retired from regular employment. Under the New NSSF Act, retirement benefits are payable from the normal retirement age of 60 years, with earlier retirement being possible at age 50.

How can I avoid paying tax on my pension?

The way to avoid paying too much tax on your pension income is to aim to take only the amount you need in each tax year. Put simply, the lower you can keep your income, the less tax you will pay. Of course, you should take as much income as you need to live comfortably.

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Is monthly pension taxable?

Monthly Benefits

Retirees’ monthly retirement benefit payments are treated as ordinary income. Unless you specify the income tax withholding election you want applied to your benefit, federal and/or California state income tax is withheld based on the rate of a married person with three exemptions.

Which retirement benefits are exempt from income tax?

Pension: Pension is taxable under the provisions of the law. However, if you opt to forgo all or a part of your pension in exchange for a lump sum amount, you are exempted from tax if you’re a government employee. If you work for the private sector, up to one third of your pension is exempted from tax.

Can I take 25% of my pension tax-free every year?

Pension tax calculator. If you’re 55 or older, you can withdraw some or all of your pension savings in one go. You can take 25% of your pension tax-free; the rest is subject to income tax.

What is a good pension amount?

It’s sometimes suggested that you should try to save around 15% of your pre-tax income into your pension every year during your working life. If you’re struggling to see how you can afford to pay into a pension, check out our article on pension saving for a tight budget.

Do pensioners need to pay income tax?

Uncommuted pension or any periodical payment of pension is fully taxable as salary. In the above case, Rs 9,000 received by you is fully taxable. Rs 10,000, starting at the age of 70 years, are fully taxable as well. Commuted or lump sum pension received may be exempt in some instances.

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