How do I get a motor vehicle inspection in Kenya?

How do I book a motor vehicle inspection in Kenya?


  1. Create An Account On TIMS.
  2. Click On The Vehicle Inspection Tab.
  3. Select The Vehicle That You Wish The Inspection To Be Done.
  4. Choose Whether It Is Annual, Change Of Particulars Or New Vehicle Inspection.
  5. Click Next.

How do I book a motor vehicle inspection online?

The owner can book online for New Car Inspection, Road Worthiness Inspection and Change of Particulars Inspection.

  1. Step1: Create new booking. Step1: Click on Create New Booking button in to proceed to New Car Inspection page, as shown below.
  2. Step2: Payment. Click on Pay to make payment.
  3. Step3: Booking.


How much does Ntsa inspection cost?

NTSA Motor Vehicle Inspection Charges In Kenya

Type Of Inspection Fee
1 Inspection of motorcycles 1300
2 Inspection of three wheelers and vehicles upto 3000cc 2,600
3 Inspection of vehicles over 3000cc 3,900
4 Inspection of trailers upto 5 tons 2,000

How much is car inspection in Kenya?

Annual Motor Vehicle inspection is a mandatory process for all motor vehicle owners in Kenya. To carry out your yearly Motor Vehicle inspection, you need to make an online booking first. It will cost you Ksh. 1750 to book for annual vehicle inspection.

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How do I book for Vehicle Inspection?

Follow these simple steps for vehicle inspection booking on NTSA TIMS portal; Go to > vehicle inspection tab > start the booking process.

Before you go for Booking of Motor Vehicle Inspection, the following are needed;

  1. The NTSA payment receipt. …
  2. Your car to be inspected. …
  3. Present yourself for inspection to proceed.


Which vehicles are taken for inspection in Kenya?

All driving school vehicles, commercial vehicles, school buses and public service vehicles shall undergo a pre-registration inspection and an annual periodic vehicle inspection thereafter. 3.

How do I get a Ntsa inspection certificate?

NTSA TIMS registration procedure

  1. Visit and click on TIMS section to initiate the registration process.
  2. Provide your identification card serial number along with additional required information in the form.
  3. You can opt to register as a company, individual, agent, financial institution, or dealer appropriately.


How do I check my Ntsa inspection sticker?

1. How To Check Ntsa Inspection Sticker

  1. Username is your ID number,if you are under a company Account ,use your company Username to log in.
  2. Put the password that you got when registering the accout.
  3. Click on “get code” and receive a code to the mobile number that was registered with the account.


What is advance tax in inspection booking?

Advance Tax is due yearly i.e it is paid yearly everytime time you need to take your public service vehicle or commercial vehicle for Inspection by NTSA so that you can be issued with a Road Service Licence (RSL) sticker.

How do I transfer a motor vehicle in Kenya?

2. Making the logbook transfer

  1. Click on vehicle registration to access the menu.
  2. Click on apply for transfer of ownership.
  3. Click on create new button and key in the vehicle registration number.
  4. Click on inquire to find information about the vehicle.
  5. Then click view to get more information.
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How do I print my Ntsa inspection report?

How to Print Ntsa Inspection report

  1. On the left side click on “Create new booking” you will be able to create a new booking of your vehicle at that particular moment.
  2. You will see the car that you want to book on your list of vehicles at that particular moment.
  3. 4.Create a new booking on the vehicle you want to book.


How is advance tax paid in Kenya?


  1. Step 1: Get started by logging in to Kenya Revenue Authority Portal. Go to KRA online tax portal : KRA online tax portal and log in. …
  2. Step 2: Payment registration. …
  3. Step 3: Select payment obligation and tax period. …
  4. Step 4: Download the payment slip and make payment.


How do I create a Tims account?

Steps to registering for a TIMS account

  1. Go to your phone or computer browser and on the search box type in
  2. You will land on the homepage of the NTSA/TIMS website. …
  3. There will be a list of icons and options at the centre of the page to choose which kind of account you want to register.


How do I get a Ntsa sticker?

Below are simple steps on how you can get an NTSA sticker:

  1. Log in to your NTSA self-service portal TIMS account.
  2. Click “new car booking” and fill in the details as per the prompts.


How do you book a car?

Ask the dealership to give you a Proforma Invoice. This document will clearly state: Your name and address (this information might be used to register your car) Variant and colour, along with accessories and tentative delivery date.

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