How can I get married in Ghana?

How much does it cost to get married in Ghana?

Depending on which tribe one is marrying from, the customary marriage could differ in terms of the bride price. But on the average it will cost between 5000 to 6000 Ghana cedis ie about $1300.

How do I register my marriage in court in Ghana?

Go to the marriage registry in the district where you plan to have your marriage ceremony, and file a notice of marriage. There the couple submit biographical information about themselves to the registrar of marriages. Official notice of the intended marriage is displayed publicly.

How does marriage work in Ghana?

This is governed by Marriages Act (Cap 127) and is the only, strictly monogamous legal means of marriage in Ghana. Those intending to get married are required to give notice to the marriage registrar in the district where the marriage is going to occur.

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Well customary marriage is recognized. Customary marriage in Ghana is recognized by government under the Customary Marriage and Divorce (Registration) Law, 1985 (PNDCL 112). This law does not apply to Islamic or Ordinance marriages and thus the methods of registration of either are different.

Who pays for a wedding in Ghana?

Traditionally, the bride or her family paid for the wedding and reception, while the groom and his family covered the rehearsal dinner.

According to the Ghanaian constitution of 1992, any person under the age of 18 is a child and can therefore not marry or be married off. This is underscored by the 1998 Children’s Act, which sets the legal age of marriage at 18 for both boys and girls [15].

What are the types of marriage in Ghana?

There are three types of valid marriage recognized by the Ghanaian law: (1) Customary marriage, (2) marriage under the Marriage Ordinance and (3) Islamic marriage under the Marriage of Mohammedans Ordinance. What is a customary marriage? Customary marriage is the most common form of marriage in Ghana.

What is a customary marriage in Ghana?

Customary marriage in Ghana is a kind of marriage between a man and a woman, and involves performance of certain local customs. … Ordinance marriage or a marriage under the Marriage Ordinance is regulated by the Marriages Ordinance, 1884-1985, and it is strictly monogamous.

What is common law marriage in Ghana?

Marriage under Common Law is monogamous. In Ghana, Common Law marriage has been codified into the Marriages Act, 1884-1985 (CAP 127). The main feature of a Common Law or Ordinance marriage is that it is monogamous. It is union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all other.

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How much is marriage certificate in Ghana?

The approved fees for marriage registration in Ghana are, GHC85. 00 for both the filing of a Notice of Marriage and Issue of a Registrar’s Certificate; and GHC160. 00 for Celebration of Marriage (Official Marriage Ceremony).

Who pays dowry Ghana?

Ghanaian society has undergone major changes to its cultural practices over the past years. One that’s altered significantly is bride price. In the old days, payment was a family affair. A woman’s bride price was paid by her groom and his family.

Are marriages arranged in Ghana?

Early and forced marriage is illegal in Ghana. Yet it is still common practice – particularly in poor and rural areas. In Ghana’s most recent population census (2010), it was estimated that 5.4% of children aged 12-17 were married, accounting for as many as 176,000 boys and girls.

Can foreigners get married in Ghana?

It is mainly a certificate that is usually required from foreign citizens in order to give assurance that they are not legally married to anyone else in other countries. You should consult the nearest registrar office in order to ask them for further details about obtaining a traditional marriage certificate in Ghana.

Can a married man marry another woman in Ghana?

Laws and Religion in Ghana

Currently (2015), Polygamy is illegal in Ghana, although laws against this lifestyle are not heavily enforced against those who choose to live it. Polygamous marriages are illegal under civil law. They are arguably considered to be legal under customary law.

Can you marry your cousin in Ghana?

It is totally unacceptable to marry any cousin whatsoever on one’s father’s side.

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