Best answer: What is the meaning of Afor in Igbo language?

What does afor mean in Igbo?

In Igbo culture, there are four days in a week; namely, Nkwo, Eke, Afo, and Orie. Just as there are four types of week days. Afo means the formative market day. Orie is the day before Afo, as such, is the day farm produce are made ready for the market day. In Igbo land, the most important farm produce is the yam.

What is the meaning of afor?


Acronym Definition
AFOR Alternative Form of Regulation (governmental business regulation)
AFOR Army Forces
AFOR Association for Orthopaedic Research (Switzerland)
AFOR Automated Forces

What is the meaning of Eke day?

eke day means MARKET DAY, clue MARKET.

What does eke mean in Igbo?

1. Creation. 2. Creation as the personification of the Creator or the Creative essence of Chi. 3.

How are females treated in the Igbo culture?

Igbo culture values men over women. The society’s injustice to the female child manifests in various forms. Women are relegated to the margin, to the social background. One of the most significant expectations of either a young boy or girl in Igbo society is to get married.

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What is Igbo Sunday?

Abani isii (n’ izuuka) Day 7 (of the week) Sunday. Abani asaa (n’ izuuka) Note that with the Igbo days and times, abani mbu does not mean “one day”, that izuuka mbu does not mean “one week” either, and that onwa mbu does not mean “one month”.

What is Igbo week?

System. In the traditional Igbo calendar a week (Igbo: Izu) has 4 days (Igbo: Ubochi) (Eke, Orie, Afọ, Nkwọ), seven weeks make one month (Igbo: Ọnwa), a month has 28 days and there are 13 months a year.

How are males treated in Igbo?

The Igbos is traditionally patriarchal. The male child is brought to see himself as superior to the females,[18] and he is made to understand this very early in life. Thus, the male child is seen are as being very important by both men and women in the traditional Igbo society.

What is Chi in Igbo land?

Chi is the personal spirit of a person (ḿmúọ́). In Igbo culture it is this spirit which determines destiny, hence the saying, onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe (“If a person agrees to a thing, his spirit agrees also”). Culturally, people are seen as the creators or makers of their own destiny.

What does eke out mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make up for the deficiencies of : supplement eked out his income by getting a second job. 2 : to make (a supply) last by economy.

How many market days do we have in Igbo land?

There are four market days in the Igbo land. These market days are Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo.

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How long is a market week?

What is a Market Week subscription? A Market Week subscription is a seasonal, six week long subscription best intended for press and retailers.

What is a market day?

market daynoun. the day of the week in which a market is held in some particular location.

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