Best answer: What crops are grown in Morocco?

The most important crops cultivated for domestic consumption are cereals (wheat, barley, maize, rice and sorghum), although pulses such as broad bean, peas, chickpeas and lentils, are also important. Much of the farming is still done by manual labour.

What is Morocco known for producing?

The geographical diversity of Morocco results in varied agriculture, with crops ranging from cereals and vegetables to fruits and nuts. Citrus, almonds, argan and olives are major products in the country. Fish are also a significant industry, representing 55% of food exports.

What are the main types of farming in Morocco?


Farming Systems Major crops
Rainfed mixed Tree crops, cereals, legumes, off -farm work
Dryland mixed Cereals, sheep, off –farm work
Pastoral Sheep, goats, barley, off -farm work
Arid Camels, sheep, off -farmwork

How much of Morocco is agriculture?

Morocco – Agricultural Sector. This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data. Agriculture contributes almost 15% to Morocco’s GDP, and combined with the fishing and forestry sectors employs about 45% of Morocco’s workforce.

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What is Morocco best known for?

Things That Morocco is Famous For

  • Lots of Beaches and Deserts. It is true that Morocco has many beaches. …
  • It Is Really Hot. …
  • Camel rides and Sand Dunes. …
  • Delicious Cuisine – Mediterranean Food, Tajines, Warm Spices, Coffee, Tea. …
  • THAT Movie – Casablanca. …
  • THAT Song – Marrakesh Express by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

What fruits are native to Morocco?

The country is home to gardens of apple, avocado, almonds, bananas, kiwi, plums, persimmons, nuts, grape, pomegranate, and orange trees. In Morocco, oranges and clementines account for more than eight percent of the fruit grown in Morocco.

What is Morocco famous food?

Couscous: Often referred to as the national dish of Morocco, couscous is made of teeny-tiny balls of wheat semolina, steamed so they’re soft and fluffy. You’ll see couscous show up in everything from salads to main dishes, and it’s often cooked with vegetables, spices and dried fruit.

Is Morocco a poor country?

Morocco’s low labor costs and close proximity to Europe has allowed the nation to move towards a diverse market-oriented economy. Despite its economic progress, 4 million Moroccans remain in poverty and live on less than $4 a day. Poverty in Morocco remains an issue.

What is the main source of income in Morocco?

The major resources of the Moroccan economy are agriculture, phosphate minerals, and tourism. Sales of fish and seafood are important as well. Industry and mining contribute about one-third of the annual GDP.

What are 5 interesting facts about Morocco?

40 Interesting Morocco Facts

  • Morocco is located in the northwestern corner of Africa.
  • The Kingdom of Morocco is the official name of Morocco.
  • There are approximately 36 million people living in Morocco. …
  • The capital city of Morocco is Rabat.
  • The largest city in Morraco is Casablanca.
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What food does Morocco export?

Morocco’s agricultural exports are primarily horticultural products, including fruit (particularly citrus fruit), fresh and canned vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes and beans) and cut flowers.

What language do they speak in Morocco?


What animals live in Morocco?

Morocco has a variety of native and introduced animals, although it lacks many large mammals.

Endangered Wildlife In Morocco

  • Barbary macaque.
  • Barbary sheep.
  • Dorcas gazelle.
  • Spanish mole.
  • Western gerbil.
  • Common bent-wing bat.
  • Mediterranean monk seal.
  • Short-beaked common dolphin.

What is so special about Morocco?

This country has desert, mountains, beaches, small villages and big cities; a little something for everyone. The food is amazing, the culture is unique, and the prices are affordable. There are also a number of cultural tips and things to know before going to Morocco, which will be included in this list.

What is the best thing to buy in Morocco?

Morocco Souvenirs Online

  • Lanterns.
  • Basket and Straw Bags.
  • Argan Oil.
  • Leather Pouffes.
  • Moroccan Mint Tea.
  • Berber Carpets.
  • Thuya Wood Boxes.
  • Moroccan Rose Water.

What desserts do Moroccans eat?

What to eat in Morocco? Top 10 Most Popular Moroccan desserts

  • Sweet Pastry. M’hanncha. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Cookie. Ghoriba. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Cake. Meskouta. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Dessert. Sellou. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Cookie. Fekkas. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Sweet Pastry. Sfenj. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Sweet Pastry. Kaab el ghazal. Morocco. Africa. …
  • Side Dish. Seffa. Morocco.
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