Why were griots and their stories important in West African society?

Why were griots and their stories important in West African Societies? They helped keep the history of past generations alive. People were very interested in the deeds of their ancestors. … They told stories, and had to memorize hundreds of names and events.

Why were griots and their stories important in western African society *?

Why were griots and their stories important in West African society? Helped keep the history of their ancestors alive for each new generation. … These writers write their views as visitors and not from the views of a West African who was born there.

What was the importance of griots in African society quizlet?

West Africans passed on their history and culture through stories and oral history. The Arabs traders brought “written language” to West Africa. professional storytellers and oral historians were called “griots.” They worked for kings and nobles. They memorized and recited stories of famous people and events.

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Why would a griot be important before writing was adopted in West Africa quizlet?

They can teach and entertain other people from different cultures. … It would be important because a griots main job is to tell the oral traditions to people but if they can’t remember exactly the story could change or even not be passed down.

What is an important purpose of griots quizlet?

A clan’s or kinship group’s history was passed through the griots. West Africans believed their departed ancestors watched over them. The griots were often part of religious rituals. The griots were important in the transmission of African history.

How did silent barter work?

To do a silent barter, one group of traders would go to a certain place, leaving whatever they are offering to trade. The other group of traders would then decide if they would like to accept the goods (usually salt or gold) that were left.

What are the 3 great empires that developed in Africa?

In this collection, we examine the big three of the Ghana Empire, Mali Empire, and Songhai Empire as well as the lucrative trade connections they made with West and North Africa.

Why were the griots important to African societies?

The griot profession is hereditary and has long been a part of West African culture. The griots’ role has traditionally been to preserve the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people; praise songs are also part of the griot’s repertoire.

Why were storytellers important in African society?

Storytelling provides entertainment, develops the imagination, and teaches important lessons about every- day life. The griots were important to West African society because they were the ones that had the good memory. Also they were important because they were the ones who told the stories to the other people.

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Why was music and storytelling important in African societies quizlet?

Music played a part in almost all aspects of African life. People expressed their religious feelings or to get threw an everyday task. In many African song a singer calls out a line then other singers repeat it back. Africans also kept alive their storytelling tradition.

Why has oral tradition been so important in West Africa?

Oral tradition is important in west Africa because modern writers add to the oral legacy some have turned oral traditions to novels. … What functions did music serve in west Africa? Music communicated ideas and values also expressed feelings and celebrated important evens such as weddings,funerals and ceramonies.

How is life in West Africa a mix of the ancient and the modern?

Many people in West Africa still live in extended families made up of parents, children, grandparents, and sometimes aunts, uncles, and cousins. Generally in these traditional societies, men and women have different roles.

What were three important functions griots served to African tribes?

Griots were also the historians of Ancient Africa. They would keep track and memorize the history of the village including births, deaths, marriages, droughts, wars, and other important events. The stories and historical events would then be passed down from generation to generation.

What was the most important social unit in Africa?

For early Africans, the family was the basic and most important social unit. It was the family unit that owned and accessed land rather than individuals. Furthermore, land could not be bought or sold, but instead was passed down through the tradition of partible inheritance, meaning land is divided among the heirs.

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What are griots compared to?

He was believed to be the first Mansa of the Empire of Mali and was followed by many more powerful Mansa, such as Mansa Musa. Griots compare him to the legendary Alexander the Great!

How were history and culture preserved in African societies?

How were history and culture preserved in African societies? Much of it was done by oral history passed on from one generation to another. Also through artwork. … What evidence shows that Djenné-Djeno was a major trading city in West Africa?

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