Who owns News24 South Africa?

Type News
Owner(s) Media24
Editor-in-chief Adriaan Basson
Founded October 1998
Language English

Is News24 a trustworthy publisher?

According to the 2020 Reuters Institute Digital news report, News24 is the most trusted brand out of 15 South African digital publications. The digital publication was also the most trusted news brand in South Africa in 2019.

Who owns Netwerk24?

Media24, a fully-owned subsidiary of global tech and e-commerce company Naspers [JSE:NPN], owns some of South Africa’s largest publications, including News24, City Press, Netwerk24 and the Daily Sun.

Who owns the South African newspaper?

The South African

Type Daily newspaper
Format Online newspaper
Owner(s) Blue Sky Publications Ltd (UK)
Publisher Blue Sky Publications Ltd (UK) & Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
Founded March 2003

Who owns Media24 South Africa?

Media24 is the print media division of the South African media company Naspers. It controls Naspers’ newspaper and magazine Southern African publishing and printing activities, including Internet publishing of the 24.com collection of web portals.

Who is News24 owner?

News24 is owned by Media24, a South African media company, with interests in digital media and services, newspapers, magazines, e-commerce, book publishing, print and distribution.

News24 (website)

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Type News
Owner(s) Media24
Editor-in-chief Adriaan Basson
Founded October 1998
Language English

Who owns News24 India?

News 24 is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel owned by B.A.G Films and Media Limited. It was launched in 2007 and it is free-to-air channel in India. News 24 changed its logo with a new design.

Who is the CEO of NEWS24?

Ishmet Davidson (CEO)

Is NEWS24 the same as NETWERK24?

MASSIVE DIGITAL MIGRATION OF NEWSPAPER TITLES TO NEWS24, NETWERK24. News24 and Netwerk24 have announced that the online platforms of 11 English and 14 Afrikaans newspaper titles have now moved into the 24.com network. These include local, regional and national newspapers.

What companies fall under Naspers?


  • Prosus. Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. …
  • Media24. Media24 is Africa’s leading media group, with a sizeable presence in digital and traditional publishing and publications, distribution and financial data. …
  • Takealot.

What is the oldest newspaper in South Africa?

South Africa’s oldest newspaper, the Witness, serves English readers throughout KwaZulu-Natal, with most of its readers in greater Pietermaritzburg and inland KwaZulu-Natal. Owned by Media24, it was formerly known as the Natal Witness.

Who controls the news in South Africa?

The South African Broadcasting Corporation or SABC is South Africa’s state-owned public broadcaster. All broadcasters are subject to the Broadcast Complaints Commission.

What are the biggest newspapers in South Africa?

Newspapers by circulation

Newspaper Publisher Circulation (Q2 2013)
The Citizen (daily) Caxton 49,731
Independent on Saturday INMSA 41,645
Mail & Guardian Independent 41,116
Johannesburg Times Canvas Media 37 911
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Who owns the Sunday Times in South Africa?

Sunday Times (South Africa)

Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Arena Holdings
Editor S’thembiso Msomi
Founded 1906
Language English

What are the 3 types of media?

The three types of media are commonly known as news media, social media, and web media, but you might also see them referred to as earned media, shared media, and owned media. Some other forms of modern media are print media, television, movies, and video games.

How many employees does Media 24 have?

Media24 has 122 employees and is ranked 2nd among it’s top 10 competitors.

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