Who is the poet of the African Child?

Guinean Camara Laye wrote an autobiographical novel, L’Enfant noir (1953; The African Child)….…

Who wrote the poem African child?

The African Child

First English-language edition
Author Camara Laye
Publisher Plon
Publication date 1953
Published in English 1954, Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Who is the poem of I am an African child?

I Am An African Child : Poem Written By Eku McGred

Eku McGred, also known as George During, is a gifted musician, poet and songwriter who was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

What is the poem all about of African child?

The poem was written to foster a positive image of the African child and to help reconnect children of African ancestry to a positive image of their African heritage and identity.

What is the other name of Eku McGred?

Accomplishments: Eku McGred (aka George During) was born in Freetown Sierra Leone.

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What is the moral lesson of I am an African child?

The moral lesson of the poem is that each of us should be proud of who we are because we are all children of God and in Him we are equal. The writer of the poem expresses his love and pride for being an African.

How do you describe an African child?

An African Child lives in Africa. His physical features distinguish that he was an African Child, he has a chocolate skin complexion, white palms and the sole of his feet are white too, having a curly hair and plump lips. These children having describe have a pure smile and a pure heart.

Who wrote I am an African speech?

“I Am an African” was a speech made by Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the African National Congress in Cape Town on 8 May 1996, on the occasion of the passing of the new Constitution of South Africa. At the time Mbeki was the Deputy President of South Africa under the presidency of Nelson Mandela.

What is the issue of the poem I am an African child?

Answer: the message of the poem is to never discriminate african people ,they too have the right to everything . just like anybody else in this world.

What does the first stanza tell about the African child?

The first stanza of the poem shows how confident the African child is. Their physical appearance speaks volume on their pride. They are also proud of their skin colors and went on to detail how beautiful and talented they are.

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Why is the poem entitled The Dark Continent?

They called Africa the Dark Continent, because of the mysteries and the savagery they expected to find in the “Interior. … African kingdoms had been trading with Middle Eastern and Asian states for over two millennia.

What is the theme of this poem?

Theme is the lesson about life or statement about human nature that the poem expresses. To determine theme, start by figuring out the main idea. Then keep looking around the poem for details such as the structure, sounds, word choice, and any poetic devices.

What are the literary devices used in the poem African child?

Answer: Diop’s strongest poetic device in this poem is that of personification. He infuses Africa with human qualities, and talks directly to her.

What is the title of the famous poem of EKU Mcgred about cultural diversity?


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