Which South African bowler has most wickets?

Player Span Wkts
DW Steyn 2004-2019 439
SM Pollock 1995-2008 421
M Ntini 1998-2009 390
AA Donald 1992-2002 330

Who has taken most wickets for South Africa?

While Shaun Pollock needed 108 Tests to get to 421 wickets, Steyn broke the record in his 89th match.

Most wickets for South Africa.

Bowler Dale Steyn*
Innings 162
Wickets 422*
5wI 26
10wM 5

Which bowler has most wickets?

Bowlers with 300 or more Test wickets

No. Bowler Wkts
1 Muttiah Muralitharan 800
2 Shane Warne 708
3 Anil Kumble 619
4 James Anderson 617

Who has taken most wickets for South Africa in t20 series?

Player Span Overs
DW Steyn 2007-2020 169.1
Imran Tahir 2013-2019 130.5
M Morkel 2007-2017 146.4
WD Parnell 2009-2017 124.5

Which bowler dismissed Sachin most?

James Anderson vs Sachin Tendulkar in Tests

James Anderson dismissed Sachin Tendulkar a total of nine times in 14 Tests – four times in India and on five occasions in swinging English conditions. This is the most the ‘Master Blaster’ has fallen to any single bowler in the longest format of the game.

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Who is the best Test bowler?

ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers

Rank Player Career Best Rating
1 Pat Cummins Australia 914 v England, 18/08/2019
2 Ravichandran Ashwin India 904 v England, 12/12/2016
3 Tim Southee New Zealand 838 v England, 06/06/2021
4 Josh Hazlewood Australia 863 v India, 07/03/2017

Which bowler never conceded a six?

Sir Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose KCN (born 21 September 1963) is an Antiguan former cricketer from who played 98 Test matches for the West Indies.

Who will be highest wicket taker?

IPL 2021: 3 Players Who Can Be The Highest Wicket Takers For Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

  • Yuzvendra Chahal. Yuzvendra Chahal (Image Credit: Twitter) …
  • Mohammed Siraj. Mohammed Siraj (Image Credit: Twitter) …
  • Kyle Jamieson. Kyle Jamieson (Image Credit: Twitter)


Who is the fastest bowler in the world?

Shoaib Akhtar is regarded as the fastest bowler in the world with an average bowling speed of 158.06 km/h and bowling the fastest ball in cricket history 161.3km/h against England at the 2003 World Cup. After securing that record, he was nicknamed Rawalpindi express (his hometown).

What is the best T20 score?

Highest total

Rank Score Date
1 278/3 (20 overs) 23 February 2019
278/4 (20 overs) 30 August 2019
3 267/2 (20 overs) 13 September 2019
4 263/5 (20 overs) 23 April 2013

Who is the best bowler in South Africa?

1. Dale Steyn. The greatest fast bowler in South African history and arguably the greatest of all-time. In 93 test matches, Dale Steyn picked up 439 test match wickets at a bowling average of 22.95.

Which South African team won Test series?

Series/Tournament Season Winner
Australia in South Africa Test Series 2017/18 South Africa
Pakistan in South Africa Test Series 2018/19 South Africa
Sri Lanka in South Africa Test Series 2018/19 Sri Lanka
Basil D’Oliveira Trophy (England in South Africa) 2019/20 England
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How many times has Sachin got out on 99?

Sachin holds the record of getting out the maximum number of times on 90s. He has been dismissed 24 times (17 in ODIs and 7 in Tests) on the scores of 90 to 99.

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