Which is the biggest medical aid in South Africa?

It is the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa. It accounts for 31% of beneficiaries in the entire market. The scheme has 1.342 million members (33% of the total) and 2.795 million beneficiaries.

Which medical aid is best in South Africa?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme is South Africa’s most-loved medical aid. Discovery Health Medical Scheme gives you complete peace of mind that your healthcare is in good hands at every stage of your health journey. Choose from 23 health plan options designed to suit your individual health and financial needs.

What is the most expensive medical aid in South Africa?


# Plan Annual Cost
1 Fedhealth Maxima Standard Elect R37 184
2 Fedhealth Maxima Standard R44 888
3 Discovery Essential Delta Comprehensive R54 470
4 Momentum Extender: Associated Hospitals, Chronic: State R55 864

What is the best medical aid scheme?

The most popular medical aid schemes

  • Discovery Health.
  • Fedhealth.
  • Medihelp.
  • Medshield.
  • Bonitas.
  • Momentum.


How many medical aid members are there in South Africa?

Demarcation products include insurance options from as little as R300. These products provide private healthcare access to over 400,000 people. Many insurance providers are appealing the decision.

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Which hospital is the best in South Africa?

Top 10 Biggest Hospitals In South Africa

  • Mediclinic Panorama. …
  • Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital. …
  • Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital. …
  • Cormed Clinic. …
  • Lenmed Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre. …
  • Life Bay View Private Hospital. …
  • Mediclinic Hoogland. …
  • Melomed Bellville Medical Centre.


Is Bonitas a good medical aid?

Conclusion: Bonitas comes out tops

It’s also worth noting that Bonitas has a pensioner ratio of only 4.2%, which is low in comparison to other leading medical aid providers. The likely result is fewer claims, translating into less pressure on funds and lower annual increases in member contributions.

How much is Bonitas medical?

Bonitas is one of South Africas top 5 largest open medical schemes and provides cover for approximately 710 000 lives. It offers a choice of 13 medical aid options with the Standard option being the most popular. Premiums for a single member range from R1 159 to R7 207.

Can I use my medical aid at clicks?

Clicks Pharmacies are a preferred provider to most Medical Aids. We also offer health assessments which are covered by most Medical Aids.

Which hospitals does Bestmed cover?

  • Town. Hospital. Prac No. Group. Description.
  • Pretoria. Urolocare Hospital (ex Pretoria Urology Hospital) 5808847. NHN. Urology. Soweto. Apex Surgi-Centre Soweto. …
  • Potchefstroom. Potchefstroom Medicross. 7700784. NET. Same-Day Surgical. Centre. Rustenburg. …
  • Klerksdorp. Anncron Clinic. 5700159. LIFE. General Hospital. Mafikeng.

Is Camaf a good medical aid?

CAMAF is a trusted medical aid that gives its members peace of mind when it comes to the management of the scheme, as its Board of Trustees is made up of professionals who have a high regard for good corporate governance.

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Can I withdraw my medical savings?

You cannot withdraw money from your Medical Savings Account but we will pay any positive balances from your MSA if: You have resigned from the Scheme.

How many members does Bonitas Health have?

Biggest schemes in SA

Scheme Type Members
Bonitas Open 336 651
Polmed Restricted 177 430
Momentum Health Open 156 841
Bankmed Restricted 109 392

How many South Africans have private health care?

Overview of healthcare in South Africa

Healthcare in South Africa is administrated by the Department of Health. Around 80% of the population uses public healthcare, with the wealthiest 20% opting for private healthcare.

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