Where is wine country in South Africa?

Located in the Western Cape, South Africa Wine Country (also known as the Winelands) is stunningly beautiful and home to over 300 vineyards. Depending on your vantage point, you can take in views of the vines, mountains, and sea all at the same time, just by turning your head.

Where is the wine region in South Africa?

The Eastern Cape province is South Africa’s most recent wine region. While geographical units, regions and districts are largely defined by political boundaries – wards are the level of origin designation that is most defined by unique terroir characteristics.

What is the most famous wine region in South Africa?

Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is home to nearly 31,000 acres of vines and is perhaps the best known of South Africa’s wine regions. Winemaking here dates to the end of the 17th century, and preserved Cape Dutch architecture still abounds.

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How many wine regions are there in South Africa?

There are five regions in the geographical unit of the Western Cape – Breede River Valley, Cape South Coast, Coastal Region, Klein Karoo and Olifants River. Another five geographical units exist: Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Northern Cape.

What are the wine regions of South Africa?

Learn About the History, Grape Varieties, Climate and Wine of Each South African Wine Region Below:

  • Klein Karoo.
  • Cape South Coast.
  • Coastal Region.
  • Breede River Valley.
  • Olifants River.
  • Klein Karoo. An Introduction to Klein Karoo. …
  • Cape South Coast. An Introduction to Cape South Coast. …
  • Coastal Region.

What are the 4 types of wine?

From rosé to sparkling, different types of wine call for different occasions and different food.

  • White wine. Did you know that white wine can be made from red and black grapes? …
  • Red wine. …
  • Rosé wine. …
  • Sparkling wine.

What is the most expensive wine in South Africa?

Most Expensive South African Wine

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
Tokara ‘Telos’, Stellenbosch, South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon $313
De Toren The Black Lion Shiraz, Stellenbosch, South Africa Shiraz $262
De Toren Expression Unique Book XVII Red, Stellenbosch, South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon – Malbec $253

What wine is South Africa famous for?

At one time, the sweet wine of Constantia was the most prized in the world. The most important South African wine regions are around the two cities of Stellenbosch and Paarl. A range of wine styles are made, from stunning blockbuster reds to full bodied Chardonnay and crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.

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What makes South Africa wine unique?

2. South Africa Has Its Own Unique Wine – Pinotage. Many different grape varietals thrive in South Africa’s fertile soil, which in turn allows for a wide variety of wines to be available including Pinotage, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Where can I buy South African wine in the US?

Where to buy South African Wines

  • National. CAPE ARDOR. shipping. D-CANTOR. …
  • Alabama. CLASSIC WINE COMPANY. Birmingham. Pick-Up. …
  • Arizona. BEVMO. Glendale. BEVMO. …
  • Colorado. APPLEJACK. Wheat Ridge. …
  • Connecticut. BALDUCCI’S. Riverside. …
  • Delaware. ATLANTIC LIQUORS. Rehoboth Beach. …
  • Georgia. GRAPES AND GRAINS. Johns Creek. …
  • Idaho. ALBERTSONS. Boise.

Is fruit from South Africa safe to eat?

South African Fruit is very edible , tasty and healthy. In Fact the average SA Farmer exports their best fruit overseas. The fruit in many cases are in fact the same type of fruit you get in other countries . We do have local fruit like the Marula , but they are also healthy and tasty.

How many wine producers are in South Africa?

Growth in wineries

2005 2019
Number of primary grape producers 4360 2 778
Number of wine cellars which crush grapes 581 533
Producer cellars 65 45
Producing wholesalers 21 28

How big is the wine industry in South Africa?

Today, South Africa is the ninth-largest wine producing market globally. The country’s agricultural area in terms of grape cultivation is around 93,021 hectares (930km2), with an even balance or red (44.8%) and white varieties (55.2%) grown across these vineyards.

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Who was the first winemaker in South Africa?

Three Centuries of Cape Wine

But much more evolved than that – the establishment of a trading station led to a flourishing wine industry and later to the birth of a nation. Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape, planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes.

What is a wine label called?

Appellation Credential

A wine identified by its brand name or a wine designated by its appellation credentials. A wine that is labeled by it’s brand will indicate what grapes it’s made of on the front label (whether it be chardonnay or ‘red blend’).

Which province in South Africa produces the most wine?

South African Wine Map

The vineyards of South Africa cover 140 000 hectares mainly in the province of Western Cape. Please, have a look to the map below. South Africa was the 8th biggest wine producer in the world in 2015 with around 1,130 million liters of wine produced, just before China (source OIV).

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