Where is the Windy City in South Africa?

The city, often shortened to PE and nicknamed “The Friendly City” or “The Windy City”, stretches for 16 km along Algoa Bay, and is one of the major seaports in South Africa. Port Elizabeth is the southernmost large city on the African continent, just farther south than Cape Town which is 770kms away.

Which is the windiest city in South Africa?

The windiest place: Cape Point, Western Cape

Cape Point is officially the windiest place. The annual average wind speed is 14.1 m/s with 42.1 per cent of the wind speeds greater than 8 m/s. But the strongest wind gust ever in South Africa occurred at Beaufort West (Western Cape) on 16 May 1984 and measured 186 km/h.

Why is Port Elizabeth called the Windy City?

Often referred to simply as PE, Port Elizabeth is also known as “the Friendly City” or “The Windy City”. Both of these names are particularly apt descriptions given the warmth and friendliness of the local residents that more than make up for the city’s propensity for the occasional stiff breeze.

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Is Cape Town the windiest city?

“East London has the least calm but if you take all three into consideration and add it all together you’ll find Cape Point is the windiest station and PE is the windiest city,” said Hugh van Niekerk, station manager of the South African Weather Service in Port Elizabeth.

What are the top 5 windiest cities?

Where are the Windiest Cities in the US?

  • Great Falls, MT: 11.4.
  • New York, NY: 11.3.
  • Oklahoma City, OK: 11.3.
  • Wichita Falls, TX: 11.2.
  • Grand Island, NE: 11.2.
  • Fargo, ND: 11.1.
  • Galveston, TX: 11.1.
  • Concordia, KS: 11.0.


What is the cleanest city in South Africa?

The City of Cape Town has been declared the cleanest city in South Africa, winning the Metro Category of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism’s Annual Cleanest Town/Cleanest Metro 2006/2007 awards at a prestigious ceremony in Gauteng on Thursday, 22 March.

Which is the best city to live in South Africa?

While Cape Town is the most popular city for expats, research by Mercer in 2016 showed Durban to have the best quality of life. Of the top 450 cities in the world, only three South African cities made the list: Durban (85th), Cape Town (92nd), and Johannesburg (95th).

What is the nickname for South Africa?

This colorful mix of cultures gives South Africa its nickname “rainbow nation.”

Is Port Elizabeth dangerous?

Port Elizabeth has been officially rated as Africa’s safest city, and bli is located in its safest suburb. Summerstrand, our area, is a residential and tourist area, and our visitors are always welcome to cycle or walk to school. … Check beforehand that the areas you plan to visit are safe by asking school staff.

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Which city is known as the friendly city?

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth iBhayi
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
Municipality Nelson Mandela Bay
Established 1820

Is it always windy in Cape Town?

In some cases, the wind can reach speeds of up to 120km/h! But it never stays for all that long, and besides, there are plenty of places to go to avoid it. We hope that you are “blown away” by Cape Town, but hopefully never blown over in Cape Town!

What is the wettest place in South Africa?

Located on the leeward side of the mountain, traditionally the dry side of a mountain range, Newlands carries the surprising title of South Africa’s wettest suburb.

What is the friendly city in South Africa?

Port Elizabeth (PE) is not only home to stunning beaches, interesting museums and award-winning wildlife destinations, but also some of the friendliest people in the country. It’s no surprise to visitors that it’s called the “Friendly City”.

Where is the windiest place on Earth?

Commonwealth Bay, Antartica

The Guinness Book of World Records and National Geographic Atlas have both listed this bay in Antarctica as the windiest place on the planet. Katabatic winds in Commonwealth Bay are recorded at over 150 mph on a regular basis, and the average annual wind speed is 50 mph.

What are the windiest cities?

Windiest Cities in the United States

America’s windiest major city is Boston, where overall the wind blows two miles per hour faster than in Chicago. Boston and Chicago are two of thirteen large US cities with year-round winds averaging above 10 mph.

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What is windiest city in the world?

Wellington, New Zealand, is widely regarded as the windiest major city in the world, with an average wind speed of more than 16 miles per hour.

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