When did African architecture start?

To recap, African architecture is some of the oldest in the world with sites dating back 75,000 years, and is as varied as its people.

What is African architecture?

African architecture, the architecture of Africa, particularly of sub-Saharan Africa. … Discussions of architecture in sub-Saharan Africa focus chiefly on housing in villages, rural mosques, and the mélange of colonial and modern influences that characterize urban areas.

When did architecture started?

The exact origin of architecture could be said to date to the Neolithic period, around 10 000 BC, or simply when people stopped living in caves and started handling the way they want their houses to look and feel like.

What was architecture like in ancient Africa?

Thus, indigenous African architecture includes pyramids, temples, clay (adobe) structures, tent structures, huts made of grass and reeds, and a combination of multiple building materials, and the tectonics of each structure depended on its geographical location and the time in which it was conceived and produced.

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Why is there no African architecture?

Today, there is a near consensus on the continent that colonialism significantly impeded the evolution of traditional African architecture, largely because colonial administrators had failed to acknowledge the pre-existing architectures of the local communities they colonized.

Which country in Africa has the best architecture?

Here are 54 examples of African architecture, one for every country, that prove just how widely underrated it has been.

  • Clay Palace of Ghardaïa — Algeria. …
  • Currency Museum — Angola. …
  • Tata-Somba houses — Benin. …
  • ISKCON Gaborone — Botswana. …
  • Painted Gurunsi houses of Tiébélé — Burkina Faso. …
  • Le Champignon — Burundi.


What do houses in Africa look like?

African houses are often cylindrical (round) in shape. The Xhosa people of southern Africa build round one-room houses called rondavels. A rondavel is typically made from a ring of timber posts, filled in with mud or basket weave, and topped with a conical thatched roof.

Who is father of architecture?

Louis Sullivan, in full Louis Henry Sullivan, (born September 3, 1856, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.—died April 14, 1924, Chicago, Illinois), American architect, regarded as the spiritual father of modern American architecture and identified with the aesthetics of early skyscraper design.

Who was the first ever architecture?

Historians know Imhotep, who lived around 2600 BCE and served the Egyptian pharaoh Djoser, as the first identified architect in history. Imhotep, credited with designing the first Egyptian pyramid complex, the world’s first known extensive stone structure, inspired the later more extravagant pyramids.

Who is the first architect in the world?

Vitruvius Pollio (born c. 80–70 BC, died after c. 15 BC), is often considered as the first recognisable ‘architect’, known as a great Roman writer, engineer and builder.

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Who is the best architect in Africa?

7 Architects Designing a Diverse Future in Africa

  • David Adjaye – Adjaye Associates.
  • Francis Kéré – Kéré Architecture.
  • Kunlé Adeyemi – NLÉ
  • Mokena Makeka – Makeka Design Lab.
  • Mphethi Morojele – MMA Architects.
  • MASS Design Group.
  • Urko Sanchez – Urko Sanchez Architects.


What do Africans use to build houses?

African homes are made of mud or brick. Then, they use sticks of twigs for support. For the roof, they make it out of sticks or twigs and then dried grass is stuck onto the top to make a covering.

What were the most significant architectural accomplishments in Africa?

Architectural Wonders of Africa

  • Bete Giyorgis (Lalibela, Ethiopia) …
  • Corinthia Hotel Khartoum (Khartoum , Sudan) …
  • Aksum’s Giant Stelae (Ethiopia) …
  • Reunification Monument (Yaounde, Cameroon) …
  • Alice Lane Towers ( Johannesburg, South Africa) …
  • The Great Mosque of Djenne (Djenne, Mali) …
  • Nubian pyramids (Northern Sudan)


Why is African architecture important?

Like other aspects of the culture of Africa, the architecture of Africa is exceptionally diverse. … Western architecture has influenced coastal areas since the late 15th century and is now an important source of inspiration for many larger buildings, particularly in major cities.

What are characteristics of African architecture?

Explanation: They use materials like wood carvings, mud and other thatch like. The religious dominance too had an impact in the type of architecture rooted in the African Afroasiatic ethos like Islam and Christianity.

What is the oldest building in Africa?

1. Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt (2667–2648 BC) Finally, the oldest building still standing in Africa is the original Egyptian pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser.

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