What is African highlife music?

Highlife, type of West African popular music and dance that originated in Ghana in the late 19th century, later spread to western Nigeria, and flourished in both countries in the 1950s. … Highlife thus emerged as a unique synthesis of African, African American, and European musical aesthetics.

Why is it called highlife?

When it first emerged in colonial Africa, highlife music was distinctly associated with Ghana’s aristocracy, because it was performed primarily at exclusive clubs along Ghana’s coast. Most Ghanaians did not have the wealth or social status to enter these concert venues, so the music earned it the name “highlife.”

What is highlife dance?

Highlife was a style of urban recreational dance popular in West Africa in the 1950s. It originated in Ghana, where musicians adopted Western dance-band instruments at open-air nightclubs to celebrate the exuberant spirit of independence.

Is Highlife a music genre?


Who is the king of highlife music in Africa?

The answer is E. T. Mensah from Ghana, known as the King of Highlife. The reason Mensah could be so accomplished and yet remain rather obscure in America is because he retired by the 1980s, just as African pop stars began more international tours, eventually even to the United States.

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What is the most important element of African music?

The music of West Africa is characterized by two main aspects: rhythm and melody. The rhythm is generally the most important, and West African songs are polyrhythmic featuring two or more conflicting rhythms.

Who brought high life to Ghana?

Highlife gained popularity among the Igbo people of Nigeria following World War II, taking the guitar riffs of the Akan music that originated in Ghana, mixed and perfected it with their traditional music forming Igbo highlife which became the country’s most popular music genre in the 1960s.

Who invented highlife music?

Highlife, type of West African popular music and dance that originated in Ghana in the late 19th century, later spread to western Nigeria, and flourished in both countries in the 1950s. The earliest form of highlife was performed primarily by brass bands along the Ghanaian coast.

Who is the king of high life?

Emmanuel Tettey Mensah popular known as “E.T.” Mensah pioneered the development of the swing-jazz influenced highlife dance-bands that were so popular throughout West Africa in the 1950’s and 60’s.

What is Ghana music called?

Ghana’s most widely known popular music style is called highlife. It originates in the Gold Coast colonial days of the 1900s and mixes various West African rhythms with jazz, swing, ska, rock and soukous.

Is High Life a beer?

Miller High Life is an American lager beer with the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment. Its crisp, easy-drinking flavor is the epitome of the American lager category with 4.6% ABV.

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How do you know what genre a song is?

Songs that share patterns can be grouped in a genre that describes those patterns. You can find these patterns in any music dynamic: rhythm, speed, progression, key, instrumentation, whatever. You determine the genre of a song by identifying these patterns, and associating them with the description of a genre.

Where did hiplife come from?

Hiplife is a Ghanaian musical style that fuses Ghanaian culture and hip hop.

Cultural origins 1990s, Ghana

Who is the best highlife musician in Nigeria?

Top 10 Afro (Juju) and Highlife Musicians in Nigeria

  • Fela without clothes during one of his performances.
  • Fela Kuti. praisemama.com.
  • King Sunny Ade.
  • Chief Osita Osadebe.
  • Dan Maraya.
  • A Trademark Kuntigi used by Dan Maraya.
  • Sir Victor Uwaifo.
  • Fatai Rolling Dollar.


Who is the best Igbo highlife musician?

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe is considered the leading pioneer of Igbo highlife music to date, during his music career which spanned over 40 years, he composed more than 500 songs. His diversification in the style of music made him stand out, so much that some refer to him as the father of Igbo highlife.

Who is the greatest highlife musician in Nigeria?

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe was one Nigeria’s biggest and most successful Highlife musicians.

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