What do you learn in African American studies?

In this discipline, students learn about the experiences of Black people from a variety of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Specifically, students can take courses in history, English, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, music, art, biology, public health, and so on.

What do you learn in African American history?

As an African-American studies major, you’ll cover all aspects of the black experience with classes such as: Introduction to the African Diaspora; Race and Urban Life; Ebony Singers: Gospel Music, Black Power and the Modern Narrative of Slavery; Imagining the American South; African-American Theater; Enslavement and …

What subject is African American studies?

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that examines race, culture, and struggles for equality rooted in the experiences of people of African descent in Black Atlantic societies including the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

What job can I get with African American studies?

Careers you can get with a degree in African-American Studies include:

  • Business Manager.
  • Community Developer.
  • Foreign Service Specialist.
  • Historian.
  • Journalist/Writer.
  • Media Relations Consultant.
  • Multicultural Consultant.
  • Museum Curator/Director.
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What do you learn in American studies?

You like history, and literature, and art history (among other topics). … You plan to build a career in the arts, journalism, law, museums, historic preservation, arts administration, cultural resource management, film-making, or academics.

How can I learn more about African American history?

Best African American History Apps and Websites

  1. PBS LearningMedia. Treasure trove of lesson resources will benefit from adaptation. …
  2. Learning for Justice. …
  3. Library of Congress. …
  4. EDSITEment. …
  5. Alabama Civil Rights Trail. …
  6. Ken Burns in the Classroom. …
  7. National Archives. …
  8. Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work at Mulberry Row.

Why is it important to study African American health?

The African American Health Engagement Study (AAHES) highlights the importance of trust in health care providers to drive health seeking behaviors, and the need for more diversity in the physician workforce.

Why do we study African Studies?

Studying African history and current events gives us a deeper understanding of world history and even modern American history. … African Studies are important to students who want to understand their neighbors — and themselves. You become a better-informed global citizen when you study Africa.

How did black studies begin?

The discipline of African American Studies was birthed out of the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement of the 1960s. As integration was implemented at predominantly white schools across the nation, African American students began to demand that their education reflected their history.

Does African American studies matter?

The value of pursuing African American studies is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States. This discipline prepares students to critically examine, explore, and analyze the unique experiences of African-descended people.

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What can I do with a minor in African American studies?

Search for opportunities

  • Teacher/Professor.
  • Student Affairs Professional.
  • Community Urban Planner.
  • Public Affairs Professional.
  • Equity & Diversity Associate.
  • Researcher.
  • Employment Counselor.
  • Program Coordinator.

Can you get a masters in African American studies?

The African-American Studies MA program is designed to provide graduate-level training in African-American studies to scholars, teachers, and professionals whose career or professional needs may be furthered or served by intensive scholarly engagement.

What is Pan African studies?

Pan-African Studies (PAS) encompasses the systematic investigation of the History, Culture, Social Relationships, Political Economy, Literature, Arts, and Languages of peoples of African descent and their contribution to world civilization.

Is American studies a good degree?

Good job prospects

With this large variety of transferable skills, you’ll be able to take your pick from a range of exciting careers. Common destinations for American Studies graduates include journalism, marketing and media. … Many students choose to continue their studies and have a career in academia, teaching or law.

Why should I study American studies?

American Studies graduates are especially valued because of their excellent communication skills and ability to think intelligently, critically and laterally as they draw on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and skills to analyse and interpret the American experience.

What does it mean to do American studies?

American studies or American civilization is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship that examines American literature, history, society, and culture. … Fields studying specific American ethnic or racial groups are considered to be both independent of and included within the broader American studies discipline.

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