Quick Answer: Can African cichlids live in freshwater?

Happy and healthy African cichlids can live for several years, making them a good investment for any freshwater aquarium.

What type of water do cichlids live in?

African cichlids need a water temperature of 75-85°F and a pH of 7.8-8.6 should keep most species healthy. Africa’s great lakes have quite hard water, 4-6 dH, so try not to use soft water in your tank. Moderate lighting is fine for them.

Can cichlids live in a bowl?

There are many types of fish that require special foods, temperatures or housing that make them poor choices for small tanks or fishbowls. Some Cichlids can be very aggressive and need more space than a small tank or fishbowl can provide.

Are African cichlids a hardy fish?

Fish Types and Requirements. African Cichlids: First and foremost, African cichlids are prized and adored for their beautiful coloration. they are very hardy fish, which makes them easy to maintain.

What other fish can live with African cichlids?

What other fish can live with African cichlids? Although most Cichlids would be considered aggressive fish, most Cichlids can live with most loaches, catfish, shark species, plecos, and larger tetra species.

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Do African cichlids need salt in their water?

Since PH is so important to cichlid health, using salts clearly has an advantage, and the lakes cichlids come from do contain relatively hard water, as compared to what comes out of your faucet. While it’s not absolutely necessary to use salts for your cichlid tank, it is usually optimal.

What is the most peaceful cichlid?

Keyhole Cichlid (Cleithracara maronii) – A very peaceful species, the keyhole cichlid grows only 4 to 5 inches in length. These fish are very shy and need to have plenty of hiding places in the tank. They are very nonaggressive with other tankmates and will always back down from a fight.

What are the easiest cichlids to keep?

Many of them are very easy to keep, and in this article we will suggest five good ones to start with. They are; Kribensis, convicts, angelfish, oscars, and African Cichlids.

Do cichlids like bubblers?

No, plants don’t need an air bubbler either. Air pumps are a cheap way to power a filter, like a sponge or undergravel filter, and they’re good for creating circulation.

What do cichlids like in their tank?

African cichlids prefer rather crowded tanks with lots of natural rocks and plants. Having plenty of places for cichlids to hide allows them to better divide up the tank into habitats and prevents fights between the fish. A crowded tank also mimics the cichlids’ natural habitat and makes them feel more at home.

Do African cichlids get lonely?

From their experience the cichlids become very timid when kept alone. They do not explore the tank in the same way they would do when they were kept together with more fish from the same species. … However, they did argue the fish might be lonely.

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What are the most colorful African cichlids?

African Rift Lake Cichlids are among the most colorful, active and hardy freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby. Their colors rival those of many saltwater fish, and their elaborate mating and brood care behavior are fascinating to watch.

What is the meanest cichlid?

1. Parachromis dovii (Dovii – The Wolf Cichlid) 2. Amphiliphous trimaculatum (Trimac) 3.

Can I put an Oscar with African cichlids?

No, mixing African cichlids and Oscars is not recommended because of multiple reasons. They are from different continents and require different water parameters.

Can I put angelfish with African cichlids?

Though many species in the cichlid family are known for their aggression, angelfish are typically not very aggressive. … Even small cichlids like rams, Krib’s cichlids and keyholes can cohabitate peacefully with angelfish.

Will African cichlids eat other fish?

Of coure, you aren’t going to be able to keep any small fish with an oscar or other highly predatory cichlid — these cichlids eat other fish for a living so putting in a tetra or a swordtail is just giving them an expensive lunch.

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