Is a Zimbabwean drivers Licence valid in South Africa?

People with Zim licences are permitted to drive in South Africa… Only if a person has been given permanent residency they then get a South African licence.

Can I use my Zimbabwean drivers license in South Africa?

Therefore as long as the licence is valid it may be used to drive and if you obtain or resume permanent residence in South Africa then you have to exchange your driving licence for a SA driving licence within 1 year of this date.

Can I drive with a foreign license in South Africa?

According to South Africa’s National Road Traffic Act, a drivers license issued in any country other than South Africa is valid to drive within SA if: The foreign drivers license was issued on a date on which the holder thereof has not been permanently or ordinarily resident in SA.

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Do I need an international drivers license for South Africa?

In General

All drivers must have a valid driving licence from their country of residence. You can drive in South Africa on a British licence or any other licence that is printed in English – however, if the licence is not printed in English, then you will need to obtain an International Drivers Licence.

How do I change my international driving Licence to South Africa?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. ID or Temporary ID or SA passport or foreign passport with PRP.
  2. Four numbers of black and white photographs of ID size.
  3. Residential address proof (Utility bill)
  4. Affidavit confirming the applicant’s residence (in case of lack of utility account)


How long does it take to get a South African drivers Licence?

You’ll also need to complete the DL1 form, which you can access on the eNatis website or at the driving test office. The driver’s license costs in South Africa and how long it’ll take varies from province to province. Four to six weeks is a rough estimate.

What is a traffic register in South Africa?

A traffic register number is the main identification number accepted for road traffic transactions on the eNaTIS for foreigners and organisations that serves as a non-legal person. … The organisation must also identify a representative for every branch or separate address of the business/organisation.

Can I drive in South Africa with an Indian license?

South Africa

You can drive a car with your Indian DL and should be in English along with your photograph and signature on it. Some car rental agencies may ask for an international driving licence.

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Can I use my US driver’s license in South Africa?

Any valid U.S. driver’s license is accepted in South Africa, provided it bears the photograph and signature of the holder; is printed in English; and the license is issued while the holder thereof was not permanently or ordinarily a resident of South Africa for the period thereof; and subject to the conditions under …

How much does a driver’s Licence cost in South Africa?

The cost of a legal learner’s licence is R108 for the booking and R60 for the issuing fee. A driver’s licence Code 10 test costs R240, and a Code 8, R228. The issuing fee for both licences is R228.

What is the most important rule of the road in South Africa?

The most important rule of the road in South Africa is to keep your vehicle as close to the left hand side of the road as possible. Don’t exceed the speed limit. A safe following distance is when you are able to bring your car to a halt without swerving to avoid the car in front of you if it suddenly stops.

Can I drive in Europe with a South African license?

If you intend driving in any country you’ll need to have a valid driver’s licence. … Some countries do not recognise your national SA driver’s licence, but officially recognise an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Can I use UK driving Licence in South Africa?

You can drive in South Africa with a valid UK photocard driving licence for up to 12 months. … If you’re living in South Africa, you should exchange your UK licence for a local licence within 12 months of your arrival.

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How do you get a South African ID if you are a foreigner?

Complete Forms DHA-175 and DHA-52. Complete application for identity document Form DHA-9. Submit two identity document photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications. Submit proof that you live in South Africa permanently (municipal account, etc) and copy thereof.

How can I get permanent residence in South Africa?

Residency-on-other-grounds permits

  1. are in possession of a permanent work offer in South Africa, or.
  2. have exceptional skills and qualifications.
  3. intend to establish a business in South Africa.
  4. qualify as Refugees in terms of Section 27(c) of the Refugees Act.
  5. qualify as retired persons.
  6. are financially independent.
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