How much does it cost to register an NPO in South Africa?

How much does it cost to register an NPO in South Africa? NPO registration in South Africa is free and easy to do yourself. This is regardless of whether you do it online or at a DSD office. The provisions of the Nonprofit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act 71 of 1997) are simple to follow while drafting the constitution.

How do I register an NPO in South Africa?

You can submit your application at your nearest provincial Social Development office, post it to The Directorate, Non-profit organisations, Department of Social Development, Private Bag X901, Pretoria, 0001 or deliver it by hand to the Department of Social Development, 134 Pretorius Street, HSRC Building, Pretoria.

Can I register NPO alone?

Can I register a Non-profit company Alone? A non-profit company must have at least three incorporators/directors and may be registered with or without members. … Non-profit companies registered without members, may be registered with a standard Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

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How much does it cost to register an NPC at CIPC?

You may apply for between 1 and 4 names during each application process. Each name reservation application costs R50 and since it is regarded as a filing fee and not an administrative fee, it is not refundable.

How do I register an NPO number?

You can apply for registration in 2 ways:

  1. Register online.
  2. Post your application form and 2 copies of your NPO founding documents (constitution or deed of trust, and memorandum and articles of association). NPO Directorate. Department of Social Development. Private Bag X901. Pretoria. 0001.

Can the founder of a non-profit receive a salary?

A non-profit founder may pay themselves a fair salary for the work they do running the organization. Likewise, they can compensate full-time and part-time employees for the work they do. Non-profit founders earn money for running the organizations they founded.

What is the difference between an NPO and NGO in South Africa?

An NPO is a Non-Profit Organisation while an NGO is simply a widely used term for various organisations that are not part of government, but focus on development, environment and human rights.

How long does it take to register an NPO?

How long does NPO registration take? It would take about two months to process the full registration. Immediately on receipt of the application, an acknowledgement letter is sent to the organisation. After that, a registration certificate follows if the application meets the requirements of the NPO Act.

What is the difference between NPO and NGO?

What is the difference between an NPO and an NGO? … An NPO sources its funds from the government but maintains a non-governmental position and does not require any government council. NGOs are also referred to as civil society organizations.

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What documents are needed to register an NPO?

To register your NPO you’ll need the following documents:

  • A founding document /constitution.
  • A deed of trust (a written agreement used by trusts).
  • The memorandum and articles of association (which set out the mission of your NPO and monitors its growth).

How long does it take to register a company with CIPC?

Currently names are taking about one to seven business days, as soon as you receive the name and submit for registration it can also take one to seven business days, anywhere in between. SwiftReg is receiving companies back that have been submitted on the same day.

Do I need to register my small business in South Africa?

​For every new business established, you are required to register with your local SARS office to obtain an income tax reference number. Registration must be done within 60 days after starting operations by completing an IT77 form, available at your local SARS office or from the SARS website.

How much does it costs to register a company?

The cost of registration of a sole proprietor company is nearly Rs 2,500 while that of a partnership firm is nearly Rs 5,000. If you incorporate a private (LLP or LLC) company with a minimum authorised capital of Rs 1,00,000, the registration will cost you Rs 7,000.

How many members should an NPO have?

A non-profit company must have at least three incorporators and three directors and may be registered with or without members. A non-profit company is not required to have members.

How do I check my NPO status?

If your organisation is registered with the NPO Directorate and has been issued an NPO number, refer to to check your status. The status will reflect – Registered, De-Registered or Non-compliant.

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How do I register NPO with SARS?

Need help?

  1. Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277)
  2. Call the Tax Exemption Unit (TEU) on 012 483 1700 or.
  3. Email your query to


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