How much does a qualified nurse earn in South Africa?

How much do professional nurses earn per month in South Africa?

A person working in Nursing in South Africa typically earns around 30,100 ZAR per month. Salaries range from 19,300 ZAR (lowest average) to 57,900 ZAR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Which nurses get paid the most in South Africa?

Highest paying cities in South Africa for Registered Nurses

  • Cape Town, Western Cape. 18 salaries reported. R 27 427. per month.
  • East London, Eastern Cape. 11 salaries reported. R 25 697. …
  • Boksburg, Gauteng. 6 salaries reported. R 23 343. …
  • Gauteng, Gauteng. 6 salaries reported. R 22 761. …
  • Pretoria, Gauteng. 8 salaries reported. R 22 087.

What is the basic salary of a nurse in South Africa?

Find out what the average Nurse salary is

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The average nurse salary in South Africa is R 325 402 per year or R 167 per hour. Entry level positions start at R 214 560 per year while most experienced workers make up to R 2 880 000 per year.

How much do qualified nurses earn?

Fully qualified nurses start on salaries of £24,907 rising to £30,615 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change pay rates. Salaries in London attract a high-cost area supplement. With experience, in positions such as senior nurse on Band 6, salaries progress to £31,365 to £37,890.

Do teachers earn more than nurses in South Africa?

CapRelo’s data showed that nurses in SA average $21,536 (R302,000) annually, well below the global average of $26,698. … According to CapRelo’s data, local teachers earn an average of $19,452 (R273,209) annually – far less than the global average of $27,175.

How much does a sister nurse earn in South Africa?

The highest salary for a Nursing Sister in South Africa is ZAR 277,964 per year. What is the lowest salary for a Nursing Sister in South Africa? The lowest salary for a Nursing Sister in South Africa is ZAR 277,964 per year.

How much do teachers earn in South Africa 2020?

Using data from salary database PayScale, the salary range for primary school teachers in South Africa is between R80,000 and R275,000 with the median sitting at R177,500. For high school teachers, pay increases, ranging between R120,000 and R300,000, with the median sitting at R200,000.

What are the different ranks of nurses?

Out of normal hours and at weekends, your care will be provided by ‘on-call’ doctors.

  • Lead nurses/Senior nurses. …
  • Doctor. …
  • Matron. …
  • Ward sister or charge nurse. …
  • Your registered nurse (staff nurse) …
  • Nurse specialists. …
  • Healthcare assistants. …
  • Ward housekeeper/hostess.
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What is the highest paying nurse job?

The highest paying nursing jobs are:

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist – $181,040.
  • General Nurse Practitioner – $111,840.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – $106,028.
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner – $105,658.
  • Certified Nurse Midwife – $108,810.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse – $102,487.
  • Pain Management Nurse – $101,916.


How much do Netcare nurses earn?

Netcare Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Nurse, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Range:R71k – R508k Average:R277,943
Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Room Range:R153k – R364k Average:R240,025
Registered Nurse (RN), Operating Room Range:R190k – R427k Average:R290,230

Do student nurses get paid in South Africa?

You work for 12 hours, get paid overtime, and you get paid pretty well. Pay is double on a Saturday night – R1500. Day pay is R 700 and overtime is over and above your salary. This is as set out by SANC (South African Nursing Council).

How much does it cost to study nursing in South Africa?

College Fees

1 Year Diploma in Midwifery – R6000 Per Annum. 1 Year Diploma in Community Nursing Science – R3000 Per Annum.

Why are UK nurses paid so little?

Nurses are better paid in privately-run hospitals. Basically, the reason that some NHS staff have low wages is because the NHS (that’s the UK’s “National Health Service”) is run by the state.

Which country pays nurses most?

Top 10 countries with the highest salaries for nurses

  1. Luxembourg. Average annual salary: $105,749.
  2. Iceland. Average annual salary: $87,635. …
  3. United States. Average annual salary: $74,250.
  4. Australia. Average annual salary: $72,271. …
  5. Norway. Average annual salary: $66,647. …
  6. Israel. …
  7. The Netherlands. …
  8. Switzerland. …
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Why are nurses paid so much?

High demand, the high cost of living and union power underlie the higher salaries of California’s registered nurses. Burger said the nurse’s union has also played a role in assuring that nurses have access to pension plans and that they retire with health benefits.

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