Best answer: Did Okocha won African best player?

Who is the best between Okocha and Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho definitely had a much larger arsenal of tricks than Okocha ever did, and had the ability to succeed and win important games utilizing his skill. So as for ball control and pure freestyle Ronaldinho is clearly more skilled than Okocha while being able to replicate what Okocha did and add even more to the mix.

Who won the highest African best player?

African Footballer of the Year

  • Yaya Touré won the award four consecutive times from 2011 to 2014.
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the first player from Gabon to win the award in 2015.
  • Riyad Mahrez won his first award in 2016.

Who is the most skillful African player ever?

Abedi Pele is considered by many as the best African player of all time. This is a label he earned because of his technical abilities and sublime character that made the world stood in awe. He was the first player to win the African Player of the year Award for three consecutive times.

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Who is the African best player in 2020?

So here we give you the Top 5 best African players around the world in 2020.

  1. Sadio Mane. Getty Images.
  2. Mohamed Salah. Getty Images. …
  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Getty Images. …
  4. Kalidou Koulibaly. Getty Images. …
  5. Riyad Mahrez. Getty Images. …

Who is the most skillful player of all time?

Here are 15 of the most skilful footballers of all time doing what they do best

  • Lionel Messi – Barcelona. …
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid/Manchester United/Portugal. …
  • Neymar – Santos/Barcelona. …
  • Eden Hazard – Chelsea. …
  • Jay-Jay Okocha – Bolton. …
  • Luis Suarez – Liverpool/Barcelona. …
  • Kerlon – Brazil. …
  • Johan Cryuff – Holland.

Did Jay Jay Okocha play with Ronaldinho?

In an interview with Egyptian TV, former Nigeria star Jay-Jay Okocha, who played for several European clubs, spoke of the time he shared at PSG with Brazilian legend Ronaldinho Gaucho, who was still a youngster back then, noting that the latter would copy some of the dribbles and tricks the Nigerian was famous for.

Who is the first African player to win world best?

The 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year award was won by George Weah. He is the first African player to win the award and the only one to date.


Rank 1
Player George Weah
Club(s) Paris Saint-Germain Milan
Country Liberia
Points 170

Who is the first African player to play in Europe?

Stephen Madi Mokone OIG (23 March 1932 – 19 March 2015) was a South African footballer who was the first black South African player to play in a professional European league.

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Who is the richest football player in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo

As of 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is estimated to be $450 million, making him the richest soccer player in the world.

Who is the king of football in Africa?

Widely regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time, in 1995, he was named FIFA World Player of the Year and won the Ballon d’Or, becoming the first and to date only African player to win these awards.

George Weah.

Youth career 1987–1988
Tonnerre Yaoundé

Who is richest footballer in Africa?

Samuel Eto’o Fils is the richest footballer in Africa. He is currently one of the richest and most influential football player in Cameroon with an estimated net worth of $95 million with endorsements worth $3 M.

Who is the best black soccer player?

1 – Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan). Probably the best black player of the last decade, the soccer scoreboards showed that this striker from Cameroon helped Barcelona win the European Cup, and then relatively recently moved to Italy, where he is continuing his great career.

Who is the best midfielder in Africa 2020?

Top Five Best African Midfielders in 2020

  1. Thomas Partey – Ghana.
  2. Naby Keita – Guinea. …
  3. Hakim Ziyech – Morocco. …
  4. Franck Kessie – Ivory Coast. …
  5. Wilfred Ndidi – Nigeria. …


Who are the best African players?

Samuel Eto’o, George Weah, Didier Drogba, Roger Milla and Yaya Toure are just a few iconic African players to have graced the football pitch, which makes us wonder why only one African player has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or trophy till now.

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Who is the best player in Africa 2021?

Best African XI Players – 2021 Updates

  • Jay-Jay Okocha – midfielder. …
  • Didier Drogba – striker. …
  • Samuel Eto’o – striker. …
  • Essam El-Hadary – goalkeeper. …
  • Yaya Toure – midfielder. …
  • Kalidou Koulibaly – defender. …
  • Medhi Benatia – defender. …
  • Rigobert Song – defender.


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