Zongo Minister Mocks Party Foot Soldiers

The popular wisecrack that politics is showbusiness for ugly people has been affirmed by the Minister for Zongo and Inner City Development, Boniface Abubakar Saddique, who has told it to the face of political party foot soldiers that they are senseless pawns in Ghana’s political chess game.

In a rant purposed to be a reality check, Alhaji Saddique confirmed to partisan zealots that all the fighting that they do for their parties are much ado about politicians who stage enmity before TV cameras but in actuality scratch one another’s back in secret.

Mocking political zealotry as foolishness, the minister also pointed out a widespread scheme of strategic positioning, which enables politicians to perpetually enjoy collateral benefit irrespective of regime, while party soldiers fight one another and get nothing for their troubles.

In that scheme, politicians strategically have their siblings in opposing parties, so that whether NPP or NDC is in power, they can benefit by being brother’s or sister’s keeper.

Alhaji Saddique made this known at a town hall meeting organized for the residents of Fadama, one of several zongos in the national capital, by GH One television.

The minister cited a number of examples of strategic positioning by siblings in Ghana’s politics, including himself and his brother, Baba Kamara.

“Look, my party NPP has seen opposition before, but I have never been in opposition before, because when NDC was in power, I ate, Kamara (my brother) anytime I went to him for money, he gave me. Today am in power, when he is in need of something, he calls me. We communicate all the time… so reason up, political party zealotry will take you nowhere,” he said in Twi.

Through the revelation, the foot soldiers now know that Baba Kamara, a former National Security Advisor to President Mahama, has his mouth in the kitchen of the ruling NPP, now that the NDC is out of power.

This is so because when the NDC was in power, he had funneled the spoils of government to his brother, Boniface. In local Ghanaian parlance, this is called, “hand go, hand come.”

Interestingly, the revelation is coming not too long after Baba Kamara had been accused of hoarding cash that had been donated towards the NDC campaign in 2016.

In March, this year, a former MP for Salaga, Ibrahim Dey, had alleged that Baba Kamara had hoarded cash that Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, had donated towards President Mahama’s campaign in 2016.

According to Alhaji Saddique, when the NDC was in power, big brother Baba Kamara funneled regime largesse to him while the foot soldiers of the NDC and even pro-NDC journalists were starved into nonchalance towards the electoral fortunes of the party.

In the advice that revealed the strategic positioning for collateral benefit by smart siblings, the minister pointed out that his family is not alone in the chess game.

“Osafo-Maafo, where is he, not NPP? His younger brother, Agyei Marfo is in NDC. Shirley Ayittey is in NDC, she used to be a minister, her elder sibling, Professor George Ayittey is in NPP. NDC lawyer, Larry Adjetey is in NDC, his late father, Peter Ala Adjetey was in NPP. Where is Samuel Jinapor, NPP, his elder brother John Jinapor, is in NDC,” he said.

The Zongo Development Minister added for good measure; “Me standing here, I am in NPP, my elder brother Kamara is in NDC. At the end of the day, we will not go hungry; it is you who will go hungry. As I stand here, I tell you frankly, I have never seen opposition before. As for my party, it has been in opposition before but me, myself, I have never been to opposition.”

Self-confessing, Boniface Abubakar Saddique said politicians are natural tricksters that are not to be trusted and that they, along with poverty, are behind all the wars in Ghana and the world over.

His admission has since been a sort of throwback to the Kufuor era when the Ya Na, Yakubu Andani, along with his subjects, was murdered in cold blood, while the police turned a blind eye, only for President Nana Akufo-Addo, who was then Attorney General, to later call his death collateral damage.

What is interesting, per Abubakar Saddique’s take, is that after the politicians have started the cock fight they retire to cozy dinners to feast while the “senseless” party foot soldiers, kill one another.

“I want to tell you, do your politics well, don’t let politicians deceive you. When you see us far off and we are arguing, it isn’t that we are fighting, when we finish we climb up and feast on tea and meat while you remain here and fight,” the Zongo and Inner City Development Minister said.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Fiifi Samuels

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