Zongo Fund and Christians

The Minister for Inner-Cities and Zongo Development, Boniface Abubakar Siddique, has made a shocking revelation of how he intends to apply funds that the state is allocating for the development of the zongos around the country.

In a one-sided prioritization, Alhaji Siddique indicates, the Zongo Ministry plans to discriminate against Christians in the zongos by catering to the developmental interest of Moslems only.

Media reports of an interaction with zongo communities in Sunyani, the Brong Ahafo Regional capital, recount how the minister had revealed plans to establish Islamic schools and provide scholarships to Moslem youth in the zongos.

In addition to building Islamic senior high schools, Islamic hospitals and providing scholarships for Moslem youth, the minister also tells of plans to provide funds to support Moslem entrepreneurs.

The discussion totally neglected the interest of Christians who form a sizeable minority in zongos across the country, indicating that the Akufo-Addo government has instigated a discrimination against Christians in the zongos.

So far, some $50million has been allocated to the Zongo Development Fund. Compared to $500million that the government has allocated to the Presidency, the $50million allocation to the zongos tells of a misplaced priority by the government.

Nevertheless, the sector minister is now indicating that only Moslems in these zongo communities will benefit from the peanuts that the government has allocated to the sector so far.

According to Alhaji Boniface, the Zongo Development Fund will be applied to building Islamic schools, provide scholarships to Moslem youth and provide capital to Moslem entrepreneurs.

In the award of the scholarships and allocation of entrepreneurial capital, it is not clear if the criteria for selection will be the recitation of Quoranic verses or provision of certificate as proof that would-be beneficiaries are practising Moslems.

Interestingly, the Ministry for Inner-Cities and Zongo Development, by name alone, shows that its mandate goes beyond the zongos, includes other non-zongo slums of the national capital, such as Chorkor, and totally precludes religion.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels


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