Zanetor Takes Tree Planting Project To Osu Beach

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey Korle, yesterday launched the second phase of her “Tree Planting Campaign” in the constituency at the Osu Beach, near the Castle in Accra.

In all, over 26 coconut trees were planted at the beach to serve as wind-break to tidal waves and shelter to fishermen on the coast of the Osu fishing community.

Students from the Ghana International School (GIS) at Osu Cantonments in Accra joined in the exercise and planted the coconut trees.

The tree-planting campaign was targeted at sensitizing the people on the essence of planting trees, and their benefits to the environment.

Addressing school pupils and residents before the tree-planting exercise at Osu in the Klottey Korle Constituency, Dr. Zanetor Rawlings said it is the responsibility of the present generation to ensure that the environment is preserved for the future ones.

She explained that, an average size tree creates and provides sufficient oxygen in one year and that planting trees in the right places around buildings and homes servesd as shade and possibly save air-conditioning costs.

She said, “We need to ask ourselves how far we have come, and whether we are happy with where we are? What can we do to make things better?”

“There is a saying that, those who plant a tree today are not the ones who will sit under the shade that the tree provides. A lot of the big trees that you see here were planted long before most of us were born,” she stated.

She further charged pupils, teachers and all constituents to cultivate the habit of planting trees because of its immense benefit to the environment.

“That is the beauty of planting a seed and looking after it, it means that you are taking care of future generations,” Zanetor added.

The Klottey Korle MP pointed that the other benefits from trees are that, they keep in cheek the air and water pollution and also serve as the natural habitat of animals and birds, as well as many other species.

Mr. Samuel Sowah, a resident and volunteer worker, who is to ensure the nurturing of the trees till they grow, noted that, the planting of the coconut trees along the beach was very important, because of its numerous benefits.

Economically, he said, it provides food for residents and fishermen who fish around, noting, “Coconut gives food, energy and shelter. Taking one coconut a day increases and strengthens your health and it is far better than the Coke and other minerals we take.”

Mr. Sowah said, he would see to it that the trees survive to provide the needed the benefits they are planted for.

He said the Osu Beach used to have large numbers of coconut trees along its land banks, but somewhere in the 1960s, they started dying one after the other, making the shores vulnerable to tidal waves.

He therefore urged fellow residents to support the MP to plant more trees in the communities to save the future generation.

All the students took part in the tree-planting exercise and promised to encourage their colleagues to do the same wherever they are in their communities.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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