Youth Crucial to NDC Victory 2020 — Agotime-Ziope MP

Hon Charles Agbeve, Member of Parliament (MP) for Agotime-Ziope, has commended youth of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for availing themselves to serve the party on various positions.

According to him, the NDC Youth have decisive role in ensuring that the party is return to power in 2020 to govern the nation.

Recently the NDC organized it’s constituency elections nationwide, where many of the youth members exhibited high interest and took various positions from Chairman, Secretary, Organizer, Treasure, youth Organizers, Communication Officer, Women’s Organizer, among other posts.

However, commenting on the constituency election, Mr Agbeve told THE REPUBLIC, the youth of the party hold keys to its victory in 2020 general elections.

The MP hailed the maturity with which all the winners and the lose aspirants conducted themselves before, during and after the polls and hope that they would continue with that supportive till the party return to power.
“I think the enthusiasm by our youth in both the branch and the constituency elections shows how they prepared to fight for the party to return to power. It is the first time we are seeing this and I think is good for NDC as a party. The youth are the future of the party and is about time they are given such opportunities to serve the party,” he stated.

In his view, it was time leaders and elders of the party imbibe in the youth the ideals and values of NDC so they could take up more challenging roles to help reorganise and rebrand the party.

He lauded the youth for the enthusiam to serve the party, stating, “the clamouring for positions in the party by the youth demonstrates the daunting spirit and strength of NDC at the grassroots.”

While emphasising the crucial role of the youth in party politics, Mr Agbeve said among the youth are the most active set of members of the party who would be ready to stand in the sun and rain in order to defend the ideals of NDC and as well canvass for votes.

He lauded the success of the party’s recent national delegates conference to elect constituency executives saying , “it was worthy of emulation by political parties across Africa.”

The Minority lawmaker who applauded the youth for their brave decision s and unrelenting support to the party, cautioned the leadership not to relegate them to the background after victory “as has been the case after the past elections”.
He urged the party leadership to give the youth special attention and backed with all they need so as to work hard to recover power from the New Patriotic Party(NPP).

Mr Agbeve urged the youth not to be despondent and that the NDC had the necessary strategies to offset the ruling NPP vile propaganda.

He further asked them not to succumb to lies and strategies designed by the ruling party to influence them.

Source: the republic need Engsalige Nyaaba


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