Yieleh Chireh fights govt over Dr. Anabaover  Ridge Hospital



Hon Joseph Yieleh Chireh, Member of Parliament for Wa West in the Upper West Region, has dragged the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu, before parliament over the politically motivated dismissal of Dr. Thomas Anaba, the former Medical Director of Greater Accra Regional Hospital, formerly known as the Ridge Hospital.

According to the MP, the former Medical Director’s dismissal was in total breach of laid down procedure, as Dr.Anaba was legally appointed to head the newly refurbished Ridge Hospital by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Dr.Anaba went through the Public Services Commission’s appointment procedures, including interviews, and was appointed on February 1, 2016 by the Mahama government as the Medical Director of the Hospital for a four-year term.

But soon after assumption of office,the Akufo-Addo government, per a letter dated May 10, reassigned him to the University for Development Studies (UDS), where he previously worked.

Not satisfied with the turn of events, the Wa West MP, Joseph Yiele Chireh, posed a question to the Minister for Health, as to why the Medical Director  was removed when his (Anaba) two years’ renewal contract had not ended.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to ask the Minister for Health why the Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital, Dr. Thomas Anaba, was removed from office? Mr.Yieleh Chireh asked.

However, answering questions on the issue in Parliament yesterday, the Minister for Health, Mr.Kwaku Agyeman Manu, justified the decision and stated that Dr.Anaba was never contracted as a permanent medical director of the referral facility, which is now the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

According to the minister, Dr.Anaba was only on secondment at the hospital from UDS, stressing that, while at the Ridge Hospital as Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital, Dr.Anaba was still drawing his salaries from UDS.

“Dr.Anaba was on secondment, he hadn’t resigned from the University of Development Studies. He still had the job waiting for him and therefore Ghana Health Service couldn’t have contained him when we had completed and we were trying operationalise the facility.”

“We needed somebody to be there permanently, because we didn’t want to take any risk on that matter and that is why we requested he goes back to his previous position so we can put a more permanent person in the facility,” the minister explained.

Mr. Speaker, Dr. Thomas Anaba assumed office at the Ridge Hospital on secondment from the UDS. On completion of the Phase One of the redevelopment of the hospital and subsequent handing over of the facility to the Ghana Health Service, it was realised that the contractor had to hand over to a permanent Ghana Health Service Staff as CEO for obvious reasons.”

Dr.Anaba was therefore asked to resume his permanent office at the UDS where he was seconded from, to the Ridge Hospital,” Agyeman Manu told parliament.

The minister also said it was not correct that Dr.Anaba was given a four-year contract, stating, “Dr.Anaba’s appointment was on contract for two years and not four years.”

When further questioned if he (Minister) was aware Dr.Anaba went through the Public Services Commission to be appointed as Medical Director, the minister admitted that, indeed, Dr.Anaba went through the processes to secure the job, but said his failure to provide the attention to the hospital needed due to his other commitment, was the reason he was axed out.

“We wouldn’t know when the university was going to call him back when they needed his services and we wouldn’t want to take any risk for that matter.

“That is why we asked him to go back to his position so we can put a more permanent person at the facility,” the Health Minister emphasized.

Dr.Anaba was directed to hand over to the Public Services Commission, three years short of the expiration of his tenure.

Although no reasons were given then, the letter said the directive was from the Health Minister, who has subsequently appointed Dr.Anaba’s predecessor, Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh.

Dr.Anabahad earlier refused to leave his duty post, claiming his transfer was done in bad faith and without basis whatsoever.

His refusal to hand over to Dr. Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh, who was directed to take over from him, caused tension between him and the Health Minister.

He has since resorted to court to seek justice for what he termed as unlawful termination of his appointment.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Felix Engsalige Nyaaba


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