Yaw Gyan: NDC Is Political Zoom-lion

The former National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Wofa Yaw Gyan has emphasized the NDC always turn themselves into “Political Zoom-lion” to cleaning up all the mess the New Patriotic Party (NPP) creates anytime they get the chance to govern this country.
In an interview with Therepublicnewsonline.com at the NDC Head Quarters in Accra, Yaw Gyan said the NPP realized they are failing so they always blame the NDC for their inability to meet the promises made, so they could get favour from Ghanaians.
According to him, the Nana Akufo-Addo led ruling NPP is sensing danger as they are eyeing second term, so they continuing with the politics of lies to again force Ghanaians into believing the NDC is still not better option but that it will not wash.
He cited the NPP promised free SHS for all but turnouts to be free SHS for first years; promised to cut down taxes and reduced VAT drastically, today they are everywhere giving excuses, and this are all deceit used amongst many others to bought votes from Ghanaians.
Nana Akufo-Addo, for his clandestine intentions to run family and friend government, he (Nana Addo) went lambasting former President JM for running un-existed ‘family and friend’ amongst many others, and this is clear for everybody to see.
“Am not surprised, nobody should be surprised to hear the NPP make blamable statements, because they are facing the reality, but will not stand,” he alleged.
He also alleged Nana Akufo-Addo has a cunning way of covering up and clearing his appointees of corrupt charges and this earns him (Nana Addo) the accolade “Nana, the Clearing Agent”.
The former National Organiser of the NDC who declares intention to come for the same position, Wofa Yaw Gyan alleged it is now clear the NPP are “true tricksters” when they want power, and Ghanaians are watching.
He further added the NPP promises one thing but end-up doing the opposite and follow it up with flimsy excuses.
Following this, he told this Portal Ghanaians will change the NPP to bring back the ‘workaholic’ NDC to continue with their glaring good work started.
Addressing his move to come for his former position, national organiser, Wofa Yaw Gyan said, his age cannot be a burrier for to work assiduously to bring back the NDC to power 2020.
He revealed the NDC did not do well in last elections and strong strategies must be put in place to enable it to win the election 2020. Yaw Gyan said he went through the meal to become the National Organiser for the party, so he has better organizational skills.
He explained that as a party, loyal and credible party agents are needed to man the polling stations for the needed election results. “I think we need to come up with certain strategies to win election 2020; that is the reason some of us decided to come back,”

Source: the republic news online.com/ Delali A. Awuyeh

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