Yamson Crowns Nkrumah ‘Ghana’s Only Authentic Leader’


The maiden edition of XYZ Broadcasting Company’s ‘Emerging Leaders Summit’ came off last Saturday in Accra with one of its memorable highlights being a crowning of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, as the most authentic Ghanaian leader ever.

Audience at the summit, which was held at the popular Mensvic Hotel in East Legon, unanimously declared Osagyefo as not only the most outstanding among Ghana’s lineage of heads of state, but the most positively impacting.

The motions leading to Nkrumah’s crowning as the best among the rest were initiated by Dr. Ishmael Yamson, Chairman of Yamson and Associates, who was billed as one of four resource persons for the program.

Dr. Yamson had opened a captivating lecture on leadership by asking the audience who they thought was the greatest Ghanaian leader ever. To this question, the whole audience chorused loudly, “Nkrumah!”

After he had gotten the audience itself to set the tone, Dr. Yamson then agreed and said Osagyefo is the only Ghanaian leader, in a lineage of about 13 Ghanaian leaders, who really built the country.

Of three broad types of leaders therefore – the Undertakers, Overseers and the Builders, he said only Nkrumah qualified as a builder of the country.

Undertakers, he explained, are the category of leaders who come and bury the country. “By the time they are leaving office the country that was bequeathed to them is worse off. Overseers, come into office and leave without either building or destroying the country.”

The Builders, Dr. Yamson said, are the category who adds value to the country by the time they leave office. Nkrumah, he said, was a builder.

He recalled loftily how there were factories all over Ghana, when he was growing up under the Nkrumah regime, how university students were fed and accommodated well and how the colonial infrastructure bequeathed to Nkrumah had been built on.

However, he said, most of the others who had come after Nkrumah had wound back the clock of national progress, culminating in the sad state of Ghana’s under development today.

Dr. Yamson said, President Kwame Nkrumah provided authentic leadership and he was able to do so because his leadership style was people-centred.

He said authentic leadership is one that is anchored on conscience – which therefore means that true leaders pursue the common good, and not the personal parochial view.

He said every true leader is measured by the authentic impact that he makes and that to do that, the leader must among others, not only have a vision but be a vision chaser.

The audience listening to him was told that every authentic leadership aspirant must not be afraid of making mistakes and must also know that there is always room for mistakes.

Among the current crop of African leaders, he did not find any with a voice on the global platform, saying he was sad when he saw President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe sleeping at a conference.

Dr. Ishmael Yamson however applauded President Paul Kagame of Rwanda whom he says has managed to rebuild Rwanda from the debris of war and genocide to the point that nowadays Ghanaians who have never experienced war in their country travel to Rwanda just to find out how Kagame did it.

The first edition of the Emerging Leadership Summit by XYZ Broadcasting Company was held under the theme, “Established meets Emerging.” It had an all-round power packed presentations from influential speakers including Mawuena Trebarh, former Chief Executive of the GIPC, Mr. Ato Sarpong, a former Deputy Minister of Communication, and Dr. Joshua Ofori, the CEO of Mandate Institute, in addition to Dr. Yamson.

Ms Trebarh, in her presentations, disagreed with the popular school of thought that the main bane of Africa is bad leadership, saying the main problem with the continent is the mindset of the people.

According to her, it is evidential that there are many great leaders from the Black Continent, and that people’s mindset is what determines what contribution they make from their own small corners.

Dr. Josh Ofori, modeled ideal leadership on the character and life script of the biblical character Joseph, saying a seven-step ladder of leadership ends in using the leadership position to achieve for others, including enemies, to benefit.

According to Dr. Ofori, leadership has got nothing to do with how early one is positioned in that role, but how impactful he is. He illustrated by saying, God had created man last after all of creation and immediately after the creation of man, God rested.

He said, God’s rest from creation was symbolic of the fact that the Creator has delegated the responsibility to man to continue with the rest of creation, so that anybody who does not use his or her life to make an impact on earth is a disappointment to God.

Mr. Ato Sarpong left the audience spellbound when he declared during his lecture that an army of sheep, led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions, led by a sheep.

According him, therefore, everything depends on the quality of leadership.

He said, one of the important principles of leadership is humility. Others are passion to pursue a vision, and pursuing the vision.

XYZ Broadcasting has promised another edition of the Summit in 2018. It was absolutely free for attendees.


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