Woyome Fights For YEA Staff

…Seeks Urgent Answers In Parliament

Hon. Kobina Mensah Woyome, Member of Parliament (MP) for South Tongu, has expressed his unhappiness at recent happenings in the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), saying the government was not treating the workers like humans.

According to, the reckless transfer of staff to regions and districts, without proper working conditions as laid down by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the change of job description to most of the senior staff as part of supposed restructuring process is very bad and must stop.

“It is sad, workers of a state agencies are being treated like this, as if they are not human beings, not to talk of not being Ghanaians if they were so, ” Mr. Woyome  told The Gazette, after posing an urgent question to the Minister of Employment and Labour Relation in parliament yesterday.

The Minister of Employment and Labour Relation, Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah, was dragged before the Speaker on the floor of parliament to provide urgent answers on the state of implementation of the Youth Employment Agency Act with regard to “Recruitment, Training, Deployment and Remuneration” of personnel.

In answering the question, the minister said, Act 887 (2015) was established to replace the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) and that of National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), with the sole objective to achieve government policy on youth employment in the country.

The Act, among of others, he said, mandates the agency to develop, coordinate, supervise and facilitate the creation of jobs for Ghana’s youth in both public and private sectors.

Hon. Baffour Awuah told parliament, the agency is to recruit, train, deploy and remunerate the beneficiaries and, as at December 2016, a total of 62,825 had been trained and deployed to all the regions.

But Mr Woyome said that was inadequate, and he was disappointed in the answers given by the minister, adding that either the government was deliberately frustrating the staff, perceived to be sympathisers of National Democratic Congress

(NDC), or is turning a blind eye to conditions at the YEA.

He argued that there are serious corporate governance failings within the YEA which have left many staff in the loop, in spite of all the legal guidelines in engaging and disengaging a worker recruited under the PSC Act.

It appears the hope of a better life, the joy of living in a country with free-flowing milk, honey and wine promised by Nana Akufo-Addo, if made President of Ghana, has become a mirage in many Ghanaian homes, he said.

The Minority ranking member of Parliamentary Select Committee of Youth, Sports and Culture, described the mass transfer of workers of the Youth Employment Agency as “cruel” attempt to frustrate the beneficiaries so they could fill in their families and cronies.

He noted that, since 2015, all beneficiaries and top management members were engaged through the PSC, thereby making their engagement legal as civil servants.

Mr. Woyome said as soon as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over power, early this year, all top management at the head office, regional and districts directors were all asked to proceed on leave without any recourse to laid down procedures, noting that after realising the danger, they recalled them and gave transfer notices to regions and districts outside their earlier respective initial places of work.

The action had affected over 200 workers of the YEA in the latest transfer which the new management claimed was intended to reposition the agency for higher productivity.

The transfers follow the deletion of some 16,000 people from the agency’s payroll alleged to be receiving pay without letter of appointment or work done for months and years, according to the new CEO, Justin Kodua Frimpong.

The transfers saw staff of YEA from the northern part of Ghana being transferred to the south and vice versa.

The South Tongu MP said that action by the new management was done with bad faith, as they are well aware that it would be very impossible for any worker with meagre salary of YEA to rent an accommodation outside his or her current residence at such a short notice.

He added that, in less than a year into office, the government is creating mass unemployment by sacking thousands of workers from state establishments across the country and leaving families in total distress.

There are many other institutions, where workers recruited sometime in 2009 under Mills administration, have been sacked by the Akufo-Addo government.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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