Women must be humble, obedient, says Catechist Koi Asare

A call has been made to women in all spheres of life to be humble, obedient and sober.

Catechist Patience Koi Asare of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Faith Congregation, Madina Estate, said this in a sermon to mark the International Women’s Day last Sunday. The occasion also coincided with the Women’s Week celebration of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The theme of the celebration was “When the Holy Spirit moves, Elizabeth, our role model.”

Mrs. Koi Asare said women’s day was a vital occasion for all women to take stock of their role in society and endeavour to make amends where they had made mistakes.

Women, according to Catechist Koi Asare, who are also mothers, must strive to exhibit high sense of humility, respect and obedience in all their deliberations.

She mentioned Elizabeth, a cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who displayed humility when at an old age she was told by an angel that she would be pregnant and give birth to a boy named John.

“Although, at an advanced age, Elizabeth did not challenge or argue the prophecy, but showed humility and gratitude to God, her creator. I therefore challenge all women to be like Elizabeth. Remember that Elizabeth was a woman of great faith and unusual piety. She trusted God and obeyed Him. I urge all women in the Bible to be like Elizabeth and other great women in the Bible,” Mrs. Asare narrated.

The catechist noted with dismay that some women by their wealth, education and fame in the society had grown wings and failed to respect their husbands, colleagues and men in general.

“Some women deny their husbands sex and refuse to cook for them. Some women even insult their husbands, maltreat their maids and children. Remember that every woman who shows love, respect and humility in all her undertakings receives God’s blessings,” she said.

Mrs. Koi Asare urged women to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them in all their activities.

In his message to women, Rev. Kwaku Bio Kyeame, the national director of Church Life and Nurture of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, (CLAN), asked women to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of them as it did to Elizabeth, saying “ Lessons we learn from Elizabeth include humility and willingness to wait until God moves at his own time.”

Rev Bio Kyeame said Elizabeth must have prayed unsuccessfully for a child until she and her husband were too old to have a child, but she later had reasons to say that God had shown her favour and taken away her disgrace.

“As God told the Prophet Habakkuk the promises of the faithful God are true and will surely come to pass. We must therefore learn to wait for them,” he said.

He urged Christians to offer themselves to God to use them for his services, adding that “God is always ready to use anyone who humbly seeks to be a part of building the kingdom of God.”

He asked men to remember that women are equal partners in the ministry and must be given every opportunity to play a unique role in the church, home and society.

Rev. Kyeame Bio appealed to women of the Presbyterian Church who are not members of the Fellowship to join it without delay.



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