Why Gunshot At Kawokudi NDC meeting, eyewitness explains


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Fact Finding Committee Headed by Prof. Kwesi Botchwey has suffered a gunshot last Wednesday by some angry party supporters following misunderstanding.

The confusion, which erupted at the tail end of the committee’s hearing, was as a result of party members from Ayawaso Central accusing their Parliamentary Candidate (PC), Mr. Afum Ani-Agyei, of contributing to the continuous downfall of the party in elections in their area.

They alleged their Mr. Ani-Agyei brought land guards to terrorise people in the Ayawaso Central Constituency and also divided the NDC front in the area with his utterances, an allegation that did not go down well with some followers of the PC, who began hot exchanges and this led to the firing of gunshots, though, the meeting was generally peaceful.

It was noted the Botchwey Committee set up to look into the causes of the NDC’s defeat in the last General Elections is faced with serious challenges wherever they visited due to the manner the defeat hit in the faces of Ghanaians, and the confusion at the Kaokudi meeting in Accra with the four Ayawaso constituencies was no exception.

These four constituencies are Ayawaso East and North, Ayawaso Cenral and Ayawaso West Wuogon, all in the Greater Accra Region, to voice out what might have contributed to the NDC’s painful defeat.

When the meeting was becoming interesting, the constituency executives and enthusiastic supporters who thronged the meeting place at the Kaokudi locked horns over who should be allowed to speak to the committee, while a large number of other party followers were stuck outside the hall due to lack space to go and express their views on what they thought led to the party’s defeat.

Some have expressed, among others things, their disappointment in some of the appointees of President Mahama, and accusing them of being “greedy, selfish and wicked.”

Others also strongly accused President Mahama himself of refusing to listen to the grassroots and those who were feeling the pinch of his administration.

It is the prayer of many a National Democratic Congress (NDC) followers to see the 13-member Kwesi Botchwey-led committee to quickly come to end with fact-findings of the historic defeat in the December 7 polls, and a way forward.



Source: Therepublicenewsonline.com/Delali A. Awuyeh

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