Where are the projects for the borrowed monies?

– Adaklu MP tackles Nana Addo

Hon. Kwame Governs Agboza, Member of Parliament (MP) for Adaklu Constituency in the Volta Region, has asked President Nana Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) government  to show Ghanaians the bridges, hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructures they have built from the budget so far.

According to the MP, the Republic of Ghana government under the New Patriotic Party, has borrowed and squandered over GHC40billion in less than a year, with no single hospital, school or  road project to show.

Speaking exclusively to The Republic, in Accra yesterday, Mr. Agboza said the country had been impoverished by Akufo-Addo NPP administration with much more hardship than ever.

Since the Nana Addo government took over, the government through the Ministry of Finance borrowed billions and millions of dollars, yet could not show a single infrastructure.

Specifically, the government in March, this year, went for Ghc1billion 3-year bond. In April, they went for a $2.25billion bond which translates into Ghc10.25billion. In the same month, the government also went for a $2.4million bond to clear legacy debts in the energy sector, translates that to Ghc12billion.

In addition to that, sometime in May, the government again went for  a Ghc17.4billion bond being sought for T3, putting all the figures together in Ghana cedis, that is about Ghc40billion, if all those bonds had  gone through.

All these, the minority ranking member on the Transport Committee of Parliament enjoined Ghanaians to ask questions, saying “where are the projects for the borrowed money, we cannot see any new project, we cannot see new road, hospital or school block, so where is the money gone to, we (NDC) borrowed and the projects are there to see, but today we cannot see the borrowed money projects.”

The Adaklu lawmaker further contended that, “Nana Addo and his party, while in opposition, promised do better than what the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government was doing, for which reason they were voted into power.”

“Today, living condition is very high, Ghanaians cannot afford simple food stuff in the market, because fuel prices kept moving higher, commercial drivers and passengers are all complaining, businesses are not making it, parents who should have been smiling for the so-called free SHS are not, because the cost of getting accommodation for their children for non-availability of dormitories are facing more hardship,” he stated.

Mr. Agboza lambasted the government for failing to address more pressing national issues and rather chose to spend recklessly on travels to United Nations General Assembly meeting with an alleged ballooning 196 members, including chiefs who have no legal representation at the UN.

He said, the hurried implementation of the free Senior High School by the government was just a prelude to deception of  the electorate, as the negative issues surrounding the program are overwhelming.

For  instance, he said, the Adaklu Senior High School where over 300 students were placed, only a little over 100 have been absorbed, while the rest could not due to unavailability of  infrastructure, like dormitory, classrooms, water, as well as poor roads leading to the school.

In his view on the free Senior High School and its attendant problems, Ghanaians should expect nothing but poor performance and bad quality of education in the near future, adding that the implementation of the free SHS was done to satisfy their (NPP) political ego rather than to save the vulnerable and the disadvantaged persons.

The minority MP also mocked critics of the the previous NDC administration, saying, they have lost their voice under the President Nana Akufo-Addo-led government.

He said that those who criticised the last NDC administration over what they termed hardship in the country and high school fees and others have suddenly gone mute when the real hardship is staring the nation in the face, while fuel prices are skyrocketing and the exchange rate has more than doubled.

He said, though he is of the view that fuel pricing should not be politicized, it was sad that many critics who led street protests against policies of the last administration, such as the deregulation of petroleum products with elaborate palliative, made a volt-face when fuel price is increasing almost every day under the current administration without any iota of palliatives for Ghanaians.

Hon. Agboza therefore called for more consistency among the Ghanaian populace, especially religious leaders, civil society and others in checking government policies, irrespective of the individual or party in power.

“But, if we are consistent in holding governments accountable on behalf of the people, then no government will feel so comfortable that it will take the people for granted or run in exclusion of their ideas, feelings and inputs.”

He reiterated that, since the NPP came to power, they have borrowed over GHC10billion, but the projects cannot be seen anywhere in the country and the money has been blown off systematically in the name of paying salaries and consultancy services.

He noted that the NDC government, under John Mahama, came up with so many road and schools projects which can be seen everywhere, saying “But today, NPP’s government has not been able to add a single kilometre of road to that.”



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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