V1 TV Outdoors Programs On Friday

Management of Volta One Television (V1TV) is scheduled to officially outdoor its program packages on Friday, this week.

The outdooring, which is scheduled to be held at the Jubilee Park in Ho between the 4th and the 5th of August, is billed to be very experiential as excerpts of the programs will be performed live at the outdooring for viewers who will be at the program.

A release by Mr. Egypt Kudoto, Communications Manager of the station, also promised the availability of presenters of the station for personal level interaction with fans.

“The shows cut across all the viewing habits that exist with us today:  Sports, Movies, Entertainment, News/Documentary.  Kids & Teens, Politics, Faith, Relationship Series, Sitcoms etc,” the statement by Mr. Kudoto said.

V1TV is the first and only TV Station, in the Volta Region, covering the entire African continent and Southern Europe.

The station’s shows are produced and presented by the people of Volta in effort to promote employment, personal and regional advancement. In addition to empowering the talent and gifting of the people, the shows also promote the natural resources (tourist sites) of the region.

V1TV has a vision to empower local content influencing global digital space and a mission to provide wholesome content to discover, develop and deploy the natural talents and resources of Volta Region.

It aims to be among the leading broadcasters with unique creativity and innovation of local content for global acceptance.

Its slogan is: “Our Heritage Our Wealth.”

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