UG SRC election results were rigged – Presidential aspirant

A disgruntled SRC Presidential aspirant is crying foul over the collated results of the elections at the University of Ghana.

According to Sylvester Amoako, during the first round of elections, he chocked 137 votes making him a joint winner in one of the halls but the number reduced drastically to 6 after the second round.

He stated that the result of the mishap in the elections was due to the university’s adoption of the electronic system of voting.

“Before this election started, the CI of the SRC stated that we wanted to go manual. General assembly of Legon approved manual as the system of voting and students agreed, a lot of us came into it. Manual went by and we have electronics, and this is the turn out of the elections.

I had 187, the same people who ‘swept’ for me swept today; the same euphoria, I was in Jean Nelson Hall myself and we had people with ID cards who came out to vote” Amoako bitterly noted.

The embattled SRC aspirant called for the electoral authorities to validate the results which declared him a loser.

“We need them to validate and let us see the turn out… we need them to prove from the software that we had 6,” He added

The university atmosphere turned sour after the election results of the second round of voting at the premises turned around massively favouring one of the SRC presidential candidates.

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