Two-Timing Lebanese Courts Trouble Over Kantamanto Land

…As Karim Kabbara double sells piece of land for Amandi and “D” Enterprise

A piece of land located at Kantamanto, a pulsating beehive within the central business district of Accra, has become a bone of contention between two business owners with the possibility of a spiral into conflict openly possible.

As Amandi, a construction company, and Andy “D” Enterprise, a used clothes dealer, shadow box over that piece of land, however, it has emerged that the snowballing feud is being remote- controlled by a grand puppeteer.

His name is Karim Kabbara, a member of the respected Kabbara family of Lebanese origin, which has been a leaseholder of part of a land belonging to the Ghana Railways Authority since 1955.

A former dancer, Karim is said to have taken to the habit of using the family heirloom to collect monies from multiple sources under the pretence of giving out parcels of the family land even though he has no locus whatsoever.

In the matter of the seed of discord sown between Amandi and Andy “D,” Karim is said to be carrying out a byzantine fraud scheme in which he has collected money from Andy “D” with promise to kick out Amandi from the land in question, but is at the same time collecting monies from Amandi under the pretext of fighting his sister in court in order to secure the land for Amandi.

The sister in question is Rhanda Kabbara, last born of the late Nazi Kabbara, who died under very suspicious circumstances that portend foul play in 2005. By lineage she is the grand-daughter of the late Mahmoud Kabbara, an enterprising Lebanese settler in Ghana, who originally acquired the Railway land for the family.

As last born of the late Nazi Kabbara, Rhanda, who is of mixed Lebanese and Ghanaian parentage, is younger sister to Habib Kabbara, who is domiciled in the UK and Karim Kabbara, a former dancer and washing bay operator.

Through a will that the late Nazi Kabbara did before he died, Rhanda has now become the leaseholder of the family land. However, her elder brother, Karim, has allegedly been posing around town as the leaseholder and using the land to collect monies from multiple sources.

It is the alleged deployment of this bag of tricks that has led to a looming dispute between Amandi and Andy “D” Enterprise with the potentiality of a conflict between the two companies.

At the moment, Karim is said to have collected various sums of cash from Andy “D” Enterprise to which he has promised to give the land in question for the purpose of plying a used clothes trade at Kantamanto. However, on the same land, Amandi, which has long had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kabbara family, is having a warehouse.

The alleged two-timing Karim, who has promised to kick Amandi off so that Andy “D” can have the whole place to itself, owes Andy “D” some Ghc100,000 and continues to collect money from Amandi under the pretext of litigating against his sister, Rhanda on behalf of Amandi.

It is said that Rhanda, to whom leasehold of the land has reverted to, sued Amandi over the land, but Amandi has since been in favor of an amicable settlement. However, Karim, who wants to keep gleaning money from Amandi, has enlisted to continue the court case on behalf of Amandi, collecting various sums of money under the pretext of fighting the case in court.

The land in question had been acquired by the late Mahmoud Kabbara, patriarch of the Kabbara family in Ghana, in 1955. As a family heirloom, he had registered the land in the name of M Kabbara and sons.

However, Mahmoud Kabbara had been blessed with only one son, Nazi Kabbara, to whom Mahmoud’s estate was bequeathed upon the death of the late Mahmoud Kabbara.

Nazi Kabbara had three children, namely Habib, Karim and Rhanda. Sometime in 2005, their father, Nazi, had gone to live with the sister-in-law of Karim’s step-sister at Kantamanto.

While living there, Mr. Nazi Kabbara had called his last born, Rhanda, who lives in Tema, and told her to meet with him so he would assist her renew leasehold of the Kabbara family land in her name.

Not too long after the meeting, Nazi Kabbara suddenly died even though he had not been sick in any way. Karim Kabbara, with whose sister in-law Nazi had lived, would come up with the claim that his dad had committed suicide.

The same Karim would then hurriedly organize an Islamic burial for him, which skipped opportunity for autopsy, even though the late Nazi Kabbara was a Christian.

Rhanda Kabbara has since successfully renewed the leasehold over the land with the Ghana Railways Authority, changing the entitlement from M Kabbara and Sons into her own name.

Unknown to Rhanda, however, Karim has been posing around town that he is the leaseholder of the land. Through this confident claim, he has collected various sums of money from Amandi, which for a long time had an agreement with M Kabbara and Sons to use part of the land, on which it has constructed a warehouse.

It is not clear if Rhanda Kabbara had gone to court to litigate against Amandi because she has become the new leaseholder, but after suing the construction company, the owner of the company is said to have, at a point, discontinued litigation and asked for amicable settlement.

However, upon meeting with Amandi recently and being paid Ghc40,000, Rhanda was to find out that Karim, her brother, had long been taking monies from Andy “D”, building debt to the tune of Ghc100,000. Karim has collected so much.

The debt had been accumulated over some time after Amandi had opted for amicable settlement, because Karim, who had urged Amandi not to negotiate with Rhanda on the grounds that in Lebanese culture it is men and not women that inherit family properties, kept going to Amandi to collect monies with the claim of using it to fund the litigation against her sister on behalf of Amandi.

It has since also emerged that it was not only Amandi that Karim, a former dancer, had been collecting monies from; he had been collecting monies from Andy “D” Enterprise as well, with the promise of kicking Amandi off the land, so that Andy “D” could have the whole place for its used clothing sales business.

The alleged double dealing by Karim, which has both Amandi and Andy “D” looking forward to having each other kicked off the land, is said to be causing snowballing tensions between Amandi and Andy “D,” who do not know what is actually going on. Stan Adotey


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