Total Failure awaits  1Dam-1Village — Bole MP


National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Bole/Bamboi Constituency, Yussif Sulemana has mocked the government that, he foresee a total failure in the execution of the one-Dams-one-village policy promised to every village  in the Northern sector of the country.

According to him, the government has since it took over office has not executed a single dam and that the whole year has been wasted yet there was budgetary allocation for such projects in the 2017 budget.

Hon Sulemana made the flattery statement  after he had dragged the Minister for Food and Agriculture to parliament to answer question on the dams policy so far in parliament  last Tuesday.

“Mr Speaker, I rise to  ask the Minister for Food and Agriculture the state and progress of work on the government’s flagship programme of ‘one village, one dam,”  Hon  Yusif Sulemana asked.

In response, a Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr George Oduro told Parliament that, government has earmarked 311 facilities for intervention towards the one-district-one-factory.

According to him, a total of 131 facilities have been identified for expansion or general rehabilitation, while 180 also been identified for new construction  thereby making a total of 311 facilities earmarked for intervention.

“Mr. Speaker, Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ghana Social Opportunities Project (GSOP) of the Ministry of Local Government and Local Government and Rural Development are the lead institutions in the implementation of this program in collaboration with the Ministry of Special Projects.”

He said, the formation of a technical team to undertake detailed studies and design of the systems, implementation of detailed studies and designs and submission of draft design reports as well as review and preparation of final design reportswere be done.

He added that,  preparation of tender documents and bill of quantities community sensitization and training on use of facilities, works procurement, among others wee also been done and that all things being equal, more dams would be build.

When he was further asked to provide the list as to how many of the dams would be build in 2018, the Deputy Minister was evasive, stating that, he was not with the list but could provide them in a later time.

Hon Sulemana later told the paper that, he was not satisfied with the answers provided, because, the government promised one village one dam and budget funding was allocated to it, but so far nothing has been shown.

The MP sort to clarify the number of contracts signed between the farmers and aggregators and in his answer, the Deputy Minister said the 1,303 represents the number of contracts signed and spread nationwide.

He also queried the Deputy Minister as to whether the Dams would be attach to irrigation abilities, Mr Oduro said, that is the intention and that, the policy is to harness the agriculture sector and that irrigation has been the focus.

The legislator said, in his view the programme is bound to fail because it appeared the entire policy is deceptive as government after one year in office, still struggle to produce list site identified.

Hon Sulemana said, Ghanaians are also not aware whether the  government would be providing dams or  dugout or both since they are not the same, stating that, “all these unclear policy made many believed  that the policy is complete deceptive.”



Source: Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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