There’s No Negative Reports In Our 100 Days – Minister

Mr. Perry Okudzeto, a deputy Minister of Information, has claimed there was no negative report within the first 100 days of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) across the country.

He maintained that the first 100 days of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government was full of good works, which he thinks the Minority could not stand.

Mr. Okudzeto made this statement when speaking on Uniiq fm evening programme, dubbed ‘Behind the News,’ while responding to  a press conference the Minority in Parliament organized enumerating various reports of insecurity and dehumanizing activities by NPP ‘terrorist’ groups called Invisible force, Delta force and Kandahar among others against the court and other state institutions as well as other Ghanaians.

In recounting the insecurity the country faced in the 100 days of NPP, the Minority opined that the impunity with which these violent thugs have behaved can only stem from tacit support from the highest levels of government.

Adding, he says, “Ghana today under the Akufo-Addo government is witnessing state sponsored thuggery and terrorism and we the citizens have watched on helplessly as our compatriots have been subjected to brutal assaults, harassments and intimidation. This state of affairs has come to define the first one hundred days of this government and there appears to be no end in sight.”

“We wish to remind the Nana Addo-led NPP government that the security of Ghanaians, irrespective of their political orientation, irrespective of their profession, is a major responsibility of any government. The NPP has simply failed!” He stressed.

Hon. Deputy Minority Leader, Mr. James Klutse Avedzi, posited that this dehumanizing behaviour could be plausible conclusion, given that no firm and finite action has been taken against these criminal elements save for frail condemnations from the President.

“Even when the state security officials have ventured to act, their actions have been frozen by blatant threats from leading figures in the NPP,” Mr. Klutse Avedzi lamented.

He further hinted the media that other leading figures within the NPP on a number of occasions have threatened mayhem if these thugs are arrested and prosecuted.

“It would otherwise have beggared belief that a government that has all the coercive arms of the state at its disposal would be unable to hold in check its own created forces, retorted Minority.

The press conference revealed that these NPP thugs are young men engaging in lawlessness the likes of which have never been seen in the history of the fourth republic; this tacit state support was what accounts for the near paralysis of the security agencies to comprehensively intervene and stop the lawlessness.



Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

The Republic News Online

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