The Global Morning Show Is The Next Big Thing In Ho

Global 105.1 FM But it seemed the Global FM team was on a mission to prove me and other like-minded people wrong. Right from the start of its regular programming, it became obvious, to those of us watching to see what the managers of the new station had up their sleeves, that the dynamics of the radio market in Ho were well known to them. They gave the morning show slot – arguably, the most important segment of Ghanaian radio – to one of the region’s most experienced morning show hosts, Edem Yao Torsah (Togbe Ahorgo l) with a budding talent at the time, B. K. Aklama, helping him to give the listening public what they thought morning radio was meant to be.

The excitement that came with this among the radio fanatics in Ho, in my opinion, came from two main sources. First, Togbe Ahorgo l, had been off the airwaves of Ho for a very long time so many listeners were simply elated by the fact that Global FM had brought that great baritone voice that graced the morning shows on VP FM and US FM back on radio. The second reason is the usual excitement which often comes with the launch of every new radio station.

The show took off in grand style with the ‘amazing pair’, Togbe and B. K. giving listeners all that there is in morning radio in a perfect blend of English and Ewe. Being the electioneering season in Ghana, the show was always packed with a lot of politicking, although, time was allocated to social issues too.

But somewhere along the proverbial line, Togbe handed over the show entirely to the young B. K. Aklama and disappeared to only God knows where. Well, in a typical Master No Dey, Boy Dey fashion, he took over the show and has made it his own ever since with a style that reminds me often (through no fault of his, l believe) of one of the heavyweights of morning radio in Accra whom he has a lot of things in common with. Do the guessing, Ok.

In the early days of Togbe’s absence, one Ohene Sefadzi was on hand to help B. K. deliver that great radio experience that management wants. Those were the days when one woke up to a poem being read to you on the Global Morning Show with Ohene Sefadzi readily available to give listeners with little appreciation for literature, like yours truly, an interpretation from the literature point of view. In fact, l must confess, l enjoyed that segment a lot until it fizzled out together with the interpreter himself who now does more news programming stuffs at the station. Did you people run out of poems or what?

The young chap, B. K, always put forward his views on trending national issues backed by sound analysis on daily basis, and based on the shows that l have listened to so far, most listeners who call into the show more often than not, agree with him on the My Opinion segment of the show. Very much aware of the ownership of microphone that gives him his daily bread and the possible misconception and tagging that might come with that type of ownership he always makes a conscious effort to find a fine balance of views whenever politically sensitive issues come up for discussion on the show.

His ability to put the often noisy political commentators in check when they throw tantrums at each other also deserves a mention. Just to say, though, l am always not able to listen to those political discussion segments to the end. After all, what is it that we have not heard from those party communicators before. I believe l will be better off listening to music on Jaydee FM while they do the ‘business’ that fetches them money on the other side.

So far, one can only congratulate the young man for his outstanding performance on the show in the absence of his ‘master’. Oh, just to mention, there is always sports news at 7:30 on the show with Mr. Mourinho (if you don’t know his full name then you are new to sports news on radio in Ho). And, once in a while, Tilda Acorlor comes around to co-host the Global Morning Show with B. K. Aklama. That is when she is not doing sport news on Volta Star Radio.

From the staples of the Global FM team comes a TV station, V1 TV. Being the first of its kind to hit the region, one can only heave a sigh of relief whilst asking himself ‘why did it take so long to happen? Since the advent of free-to-air satellite TV technology, largely made popular in Ghana by Multi TV, l kept asking myself why nobody from the Volta Region thought it wise to go for one of those channels to help us also show the world what we’ve got to offer in terms of culture and trade.

As the saying goes, it is better late than never. So, we can only thank the people behind this vision to put Volta Region on the map as far as television is concerned. We would be watching television brewed with a touch of Volta. Very exciting times ahead!!!!




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