Tension at Abease as leaders bark at each other

The Dzasetse of Abease in the Ga West Municipality in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Okine Mensah I, has noted that the people in the town are living in fear due to activities of land guards allegedly recruited by the chief of the town, Nii Kotey Susubribi III, by forcibly seizing lands already bought by people and reselling them to others, thereby fomenting trouble in the town.

According to the Dzasetse at a press conference in the town yesterday, the said chief had caused an announcement to be made on a popular radio station in Accra that he wants to meet the land developers of Abease to resolve the land matters of the town which did not go down well with him the Dzasetse and his elders hence the press conference to put things right.

Nii Mensah noted that the heads of the eight houses of Abease are now preparing to install a chief for the town to replace their late chief, stressing that at the right time that will be done.

The Dzasetse alleged that it is land guards and some police officers from Amasaman who are supporting the chief, who he said he does not recognize, as he allegedly disturbs people in the town since he returned from America back to the town.

He alleged that the chief at times leads the land guards to the field to beat people on their land, stressing that at times such forceful operations are done with a pistol.

The Dzasetse therefore called on the National Security, the Minister for the Interior and the Inspector General of Police, IGP, to come to the aid of the poor folks in the town.

Nii Mensah averred that Nii Kortey will not be accepted as a chief because they view him as a bad person in the town.

He claimed that they have many court judgments against the chief with equally heavy fines to deter him from misbehaving.

The Dzasetse noted that Abease has no stool lands but rather they have various family lands and so it is bizarre for someone to say he is presiding over stool lands at Abease.

He said the Tsereku family is therefore informing every developer on the lands in question to consult the family for legal documents signed by the head of the family, Mr. Daniel Aryee Acquaye, in order to be safe and do their work peacefully.

On his part, Nii Kotey Susubribi Onyaa Brempong I reacted to the allegations against him saying there is no iota of truth in the allegations against him by the people he described as strangers, especially the Dzasetse, who he stressed is not from Abease.

He said those who held the press conference against him are not holding any position in the town but have managed to fraudulently sell the town’s land meant for market, schools and other public amenities that will make life easier for all in town.

He said he is the right chief of Abease, who was spotted for that position as far back as when he was seven years old, and as he grew up he was finally enstooled and endorsed by all the recognized Ga and Akwamu chiefs as the chief of Abease.

He said he has the town at heart and because he is from both Akwamu and Ga royal families, that is why he qualifies to be the chief of the town, which has both Ga and Akwamu histories to its credit.

He said it is because he has stopped his detractors from selling the town’s land indiscriminately that is why they are damaging his reputation.

He noted that there are many documents which prove that he was properly installed as the chief of the town, of which he showed to the press court judgments that he won against his rivals and also showed the map and the layout plan of the entire Abease Township.

He noted that although his opponents are tempting him to use force on them he will continue to use diplomacy to handle affairs in order not to cause violence.

He said he has not got any boundary with any individual or family, because the Abease land belongs to his forebears who won them through wars of conquest and so, as a chief, he has no boundary with anyone in the town.

He averred that his forebears released lands to those who are contesting it now to be used for farming and so they cannot now turn round to claim that it is their property.

He therefore called on the people who acquired lands there from wrong hands to approach him and his elders to regularize their documents for them, adding that nobody will be harassed during the process of correcting the mistakes. He also called on the government to help ensure sanity and discipline and development projects to the town.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kwabena Okae

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