Taifa Police Show Incompetence

… Over Lynching Case

… No Arrest Yet Despite Viral Video      

The police in Taifa, a suburb of Accra, are taking away the shine which recently came with the sterling performance that the Constabulary put up to solve the lynching of martyred soldier Maj. Maxwell Adam Mahama.

Maj. Mahama had been lynched at Denkyira-Boase in the Central Region on the 29th of May and by 31st of May, 50 suspects had been rounded up.

Prior to that incident which jolted the whole nation to the horrors of mob justice, a similar dastardly lynching had happened in Taifa in Accra on the 11th of May, but, up till now, the police have not been able to arrest a single suspect.

Rather, the Taifa police have remanded an alleged victim who survived the mob justice in prison custody, even though a video footage which captures the murder of the deceased has since gone viral.

Lawyers for Gideon Kwasi Ofosu, a 26-year old, who say he was constrained to defend his life with a gun, have been unsuccessful in an attempt to secure bail for him. He has since been remanded in prison custody by the Madina District Magistrate Court, Accra.

On the 11th of May, this year, Gideon Kwasi Ofosu, a footballer, who is a resident of Ashongman Estates, had gone to a drinking spot at Taifa/Burkina in the company of a friend of his, called Maxwell Kwao, 25. Maxwell has since been murdered.

While there, one Yaw Asamoah, who is now at large, along with two other guys, had confronted Ofosu over a girlfriend of his called Vanesa Darko, who operates a boutique in the same area.

In an ensuing misunderstanding, Yaw Asamoah used a bottle to hit the mouth of Gideon Ofosu, injuring him in the process. The attack infuriated Ofosu, who rushed from the scene to his house only to return later to the scene brandishing a pump action shot-gun.

Gideon Fosu had returned to meet the absence of Yaw Asamoah, and so in show of youthful bravado, he had shot a couple of rounds into the air, which attracted a mob to the scene.

Eventually, news about the warning shots got to Asamoah, who had earlier departed the scene and he, in turn, rushed back to the scene in the company of one Evans Frimpong, on a motorbike.

The two, according to the facts of the case, then stirred up a mob and led it to chase Gideon Ofosu and his friend, Maxwell Kwao. Sensing danger, Ofosu fled the scene amidst shooting of warning shots.

Maxwell Kwao was not lucky, as he was captured by the mob and lynched immediately. A video of the incident captures Maxwell, who incidentally is the namesake of the late Maj. Maxwell Mahama, being bludgeoned with stones and sticks even as he was being butchered with cutlasses.

Gideon Ofosu, who had fled from the mob, sought refuge in a nearby house, but Evans Frimpong, alias Abass, 26, who is a bar operator, chased after Ofosu to his hideout while brandishing a cutlass.

Ofosu, according to the statement of facts, then shot at Frimpong hitting him in the chest.

Following the shooting, Frimpong was collected, but in the process of rushing him to the hospital, the resultant gun wound on his chest proved a mortal blow as he died on the way to the hospital.

Gideon Ofosu then fled and sought refuge in another house, locking himself in a room. The house belonged to Yaw Mensah, a taxi driver, who reported the incident to the police at Taifa, leading to the arrest of Ofosu.

The Taifa police have since held him in prison custody, after an arraignment before the Madina District Court led to a remand in prison custody, even as Ofosu and his lawyers have pleaded “not guilty” to a charge of murder.

Following from there, however, the Taifa police have been unable to arrest a single suspect, including Yaw Asamoah, who has since been on the run.

A video of the mob justice shows that Maxwell Kwao was openly bludgeoned to death with stones and sticks, while deep gushes on parts of his body indicate that he was also butchered with cutlasses.

The incident happened on the 11th of May, this year, eight clear days before the late Maj. Maxwell Adams Mahama was similarly lynched at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region on the 29th of May.

However, while the Central Regional police were able to round up 50 suspects in just two days, following the incident, the Taifa police have since not been able to arrest a single suspect of the mob justice.

Rather, a would-be victim who had apparently survived the mob attack by shooting in, what can be described as, self-defense is remanded in prison custody for murder.

The police however say the case is still under investigation. Lawyers for the suspect have been unsuccessful at requesting bail for him.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Fiifi Samuels

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